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3 Points for Attention in the Installation Process of Advertising Light Box and Its Manufacturer's Choice

Ⅰ. What are the precautions in the installation process of advertising led ultra-thin light box?

Before installing the ultra-thin light box, we must pay attention to it, that is, to determine its installation location, and to formulate an installation plan according to its actual situation;

The second is to measure the exact size. The specific operation method is to install a small hole on the back of the advertising LED slim light box, and determine the fixed point of the actual installation of the light box according to its actual position;

The third is to fix the light box. There are three situations in total, and here is one of them.

If the wall to be installed is tile or marble, you can first drill the surface with a glass drill bit, then drill the screw holes to make it expand, and then fix the light box. Of course, you can also use glue way to fix;

The fourth is to connect the advertising ultra-thin light box. The outlet of the power cord of the general light box is on its back, so the plug of the power cord can be removed, and the direct wiring can be performed, and the connector can be tightly wrapped with insulating tape;

The fifth is to fix it. Simply put, align the light box with the fixed point and reinstall the power cord. The last is to test it, that is, to see the power-on and lighting effects.

Ⅱ. What should you pay attention to when choosing an advertising led ultra-thin light box?

Internationally, advertising light boxes have become more and more important as advertising banners with pavement flag bases.  As small as a single store or as large as a group, advertising light boxes are needed for publicity. The importance of advertising light boxes is beyond doubt.

How to choose a good advertising light box manufacturer to cooperate to get better service? To choose an advertising light box manufacturer, you must first understand the characteristics of the manufacturer, whether to focus on LED light boxes, light guide plate light boxes or borderless card film light boxes!

Choose the advertising light box manufacturer according to your own needs. Don't blindly choose a manufacturer with too much comprehensiveness. Too much comprehensiveness will result in unprofessional production, and the final produced advertising LED ultra-thin light box will have various problems.

1. Whether the advertising light box company is a regular company, the company is not formal, the follow-up service cannot be guaranteed, let alone after-sales service, there are too many companies that do not complete the maintenance work after receiving the money, so be sure to check when choosing an advertising light box company Does it have a formal company business license?

2. Whether the materials used in the advertising light boxes have obtained relevant safety certifications, and whether they are energy-saving and environmentally friendly. If the materials used in an outdoor light box have not obtained relevant safety certifications, there will be potential safety hazards. If it is neither energy efficient nor environmentally friendly, you will waste a lot of money and may be subject to complaints.

3. Whether there is a professional design team. Only with a professional advertising ultra-thin light box design team can we design advertising light boxes suitable for publicity according to local conditions, and will not be rigid. As one of the leading light box suppliers, Jin Yu is such a company with a professional design team.

After production, it will not only fail to achieve the publicity effect, but also affect the image, so it is very important to have a professional design team.

4. Whether there is a professional installation team, advertising light boxes are mainly installed outdoors, if there is no professional installation team to ensure the safety of the light box after installation, it is easy to cause accidents.

5. Sign a cooperation contract. The contract needs to clearly indicate the project amount, project duration, payment method, free warranty time, etc. A formal advertising led ultra-thin light box company will be happy to sign a contract with you to protect everyone's rights and interests.