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Drylab Photo Paper

JinYu's new range of 240gsm inkjet photo paper, developed specifically for dry lab photo printer is available in glossy, satin and luster finishes at a length of 65m or 100m. This dry lab photo printer is environmentally friendly papers that are particularly suitable for inkjet dry lab photo printer with water based ink. This photographic paper convinces not only with good running and cutting ability, but also with fast drying and very good color reproduction. Regular width includes 4", 5", 6", 8", 10" and 12". This 240gsm double PE coated photo paper is compatible with Epson Surelab, Fujifilm Frontier and Noritsu series of Dry Lab printers. The photos are applied to a photo paper roll in the device using the inkjet printing process instead of chemicals. After that they are cut to size by photo paper manufacturer. The drying time of the printings are considerably shorter and the dry lab photo printer is smaller, cheaper and more user-friendly than any other photo paper manufacturer.


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Drylab Photo Paper

  • Drylab Photo Paper +

    JY/APH240R Minilab

    Drylab Photo Paper

    JinYu 240gsm DryLab photo paper is a bright white, micro porous coated photographic paper for DryLab inkjet printers. It compatible with Epson Surelab, Fujifilm Frontier and Noritsu series of DryLab p...

Features of Drylab Photo Paper

Now, there have been significant changes in the technology used in photographic centers and shops. The inkjet has increasingly been replacing chemistry and silver halide paper and the number of printed images on inkjet paper continues to rise. The reason for this was the low cost of investment and additional printing capabilities on a variety of materials of much higher quality than the silver halide technology. As a result, the trend has shifted from classic photographic laboratories to dry minilab devices, with which drug stores and retailers can quickly print out their customers’ photos on site. The speed and convenience of modern Dry Lab printers from brand such as Epson, Fujifilm and Noritsu offer a wide variety of image sizes ideal for the mass market.

If you need help finding the right drylab photo paper for your need, please email us and let our experts guide you to the perfect solution.

Drylab Photo Paper Solutions

Glossy DryLab Photo Paper

Glossy drylab photo paper is characterized by a smooth, highly reflective surface. High gloss paper can be extremely smooth, or it may have a very slight texture. This inkjet print media is desired when you want the most light reflected back at the viewer. This makes for more saturated colors and the ability to see sharp details. It's no wonder that high gloss inkjet paper has the highest D-Max of all inkjet media.

Luster DryLab Photo Paper

The luster surface is also called satin or semi-gloss. Luster drylab photo paper has a repeating textured surface. At certain angles it can look like the surface of automotive paint. It allows the paper to better withstand handling. The texture hides minor scratches and scuffs from wear and handling. And, lower direct reflection of light to the viewer. This makes for less glare, shine, and makes the image easier to see at all angles.

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