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220gsm Double PE Coated Solvent Inkjet Photo Paper

JinYu CF/SPH220D is a heavy weight photo paper, with an advanced inkjet receptive coating that is perfect for high-resolution full-color printing with excellent opacity and white point characteristics. This coating is designed to image vibrantly and reduce ink consumption. High glossy and matte surface are available. It works for solvent ink printers, and this paper also delivers outstanding results with Latex and UV ink systems. The splashproof coating ensures a particularly durable and scratch resistant printed image. This high quality, stiff base paper also makes it possible to produce prints for long-term indoor use without lamination. The backside has a unique and durable PE coated base that stabilizes this photo paper against cockling and excessive curl. Can be used for photo realistic prints, fine art reproduction, display such as posters, billboards, kiosk, point-of-purchase printing and more.

Product Code: CF/SPH220D

Surface: Glossy, Matte

Weight: 220gsm

Support Substrate: PE Coated Paper

Ink Compatibility: Solvent, Eco Solvent, UV, Latex


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Advantages of CF/SPH220D 220gsm Double PE Coated Solvent Inkjet Photo Paper

  • Excellent color reproduction.

  • Homogeneous gloss in printed and unprinted areas.

  • High quality, stiff base paper.

  • Water resistance and durable surface finish.

  • High glossy and matte are available.

Applications of CF/SPH220D 220gsm Double PE Coated Solvent Inkjet Photo Paper

  • Posters and presentations.

  • POP displays.

  • Tradeshow graphics.

  • Fine art reproduction and photographic.

Technical Data and Dimensions of CF/SPH220D 220gsm Double PE Coated Solvent Inkjet Photo Paper




Weight (gsm)

ISO 536


Width * Length



0.61m * 30m


50 rolls

0.914m * 30m


50 rolls

1.07m * 30m


50 rolls

1.27m * 30m


50 rolls

1.52m * 30m


50 rolls

To maintain a good quality of this inkjet photo paper, please store and convert in a climate of 30 ~ 65% relative humidity and at temperatures of 10 ~ 30 °C.

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