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Pop Up Canopy Tent

JinYu is a professional pop-up canopy tent wholesaler and supplier that supplies a variety of pop-up advertising tent hardware and accessories to suit your needs. Pop up canopy tent, also called gazebo tent, folding tent, marquee. As one of the leading folding tent suppliers in China, our canopy tent factory uses the correct, high-quality tent frames, wall support bars, brackets, weights, and bags. These are extremely important for your advertising message. JinYu Alu-Hex Classic, as one of the most famous banner stand suppliers, is our high commercial level canopy with hexagonal aluminum legs that we sell at a low price. This instant cannopy tent can be quickly erected by one or two people without any tools. It is a definitely high-quality commercial grade pop-up canopy tent which can bear normal wear and tears. This folding canopy tent is a great instant pop-up tent for a trade show( We also provide trade show hanging banners) , outdoor festivals, and markets, motorsport coverage, catering, outdoor promotions, sporting events and more. 


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Pop Up Canopy Tent

  • Pop Up Canopy Outdoor Tent +

    Alu-Hex Classic

    Pop Up Canopy Outdoor Tent

    JinYu Alu-Hex Classic is an anodized aluminum canopy tent. This portable canopy is often seen at outdoor concerts, indoor trade shows, large-scale public events or a family party. The pop up tent feat...


The commercial-level aluminum frame produced by Jin Yu, a professional folding tent factory, provides a perfect balance between strength and stability, which make our canopy tent wholesale sturdy enough for your vending event or relaxing pool party. The frame of our folding canopy tent is made of premium aluminum, which is sturdy and can be used in long term. This aluminum folding canopy from china manufacturer can be further enhanced with stakes, wind ropes, and large capacity sandbags, the frame of the tent will be stable in breezy days. And the height of the canopy can be adjusted with the range of 6-9ft.

JinYu is one of the reputable banner stand suppliers and provides instant canopy tents that are easy to set up. Different from tents of other folding tent manufacturers, our tent is equipped with a central hub system and extendable legs, the instant tent is easy to assemble with instructions in a short time. And, the feet of the canopy tent is rotatable to apply to uneven ground. It is also convenient to store the fold up canopy when not in use.

As a professional pop up display manufacturer, JinYu provides instant pop-up tents coming with a thick wheeled bag. The pop-up shade tent can be folded and stored in the bag. Some of the accessories are suitable to be stored in the side pocket. It is great to store the tent in the trunk of the car when you go hiking, surfing, camping, and other outdoor activities.

If you need help finding the right pop up canopy tent and a reliable canopy tent factory for your customers, please email us and let our experts guide you to the perfect solution.

Pop Up Canopy Tent Solutions

3m*3m Pop Up Canopy Tent

Our 3m*3m pop-up canopy tent is the undisputed champion of best budget marquees. With a lightweight frame, this marquee has a hexagonal aluminum leg profile treated with anodized. It is further supported by commercial double bracket nylon connectors and durable, curved truss bars.

3m*4.5m Pop Up Canopy Tent

Our affordable 3m*4.5m pop-up canopy tent wholesale enjoys many top-quality features of our advanced gazebos and marquees. The sturdy, anodized aluminum frame is secured together by lightweight polymer joints ensuring heavy duty gazebo strength but keeping an eye on weight.

3m*6m Pop Up Canopy Tent

If you need a little more space, the 3m*6m fold-up canopy tent is one of our most popular products. Not only can you fit a car or two beer bench sets comfortably underneath, but there is also standing room for over 30 people. This folding canopy tent is ideal for temporary, outdoor and mobile use.

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