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Light Guide Principle and Characteristics of the Slim Light Box

Light guide principle of the slim light box:

The main technology of the slim light box is to use the light guide technology of the light guide plate to turn the side of the LED point light source into a front surface light source. In simple terms, high-reflectivity and non-light-absorbing materials are used on the optical grade acrylic (plexiglass) plate to mark circular or square diffusion points on the bottom of the light guide plate by a laser engraving machine. The reflected light will diffuse to all directions when the light comes from the side to the diffusion point, and then break the reflection conditions and exit from the front of the light guide plate. Various sparse and dense diffusion points of different sizes can make the light guide plate emit light evenly, and convert the side light into "surface" light. In addition, the reflective plate reflects the light exposure on the bottom surface back into the light guide plate to improve the efficiency of light.

Characteristics of the slim light box:

1. Besides slim and light, the led fabric light box has a beautiful appearance and firm structure.

2. It saves more than 80% energy than a traditional light box. The advanced lighting technology of the slim light box makes the light more concentrated, efficient and energy-saving.

3. The variable-line light source is a surface light source, the illumination is more uniform, softer, and more comfortable visually.

4. With a realistic color design of natural light, the image is more realistic and pleasing with a more outstanding visual effect.

5. High-tech light guide plate technology design makes the principle and effect of the slim light box comparable to tablet computers.

6. By making full use of the backlight transmission characteristics of the material, there are a high light emission rate and more uniform and natural light transmission.

7. The magnetic quick-open design makes it easier and faster to replace the lamp.

8. Clients can customize different sizes, colors, light bars, light guide plates according to the budget and specification requirements, which is flexible.