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Notices for Advertising Light Boxes

Ⅰ. What matters should be paid attention to in advertising ultra-thin light boxes?

When making a light box or pasting words, it is necessary to distinguish which side is against the wall, and the lower side of the wall leads out the wires, the upper side loves rainwater, and the other sides are not good-looking.

When pasting words, do not put organic glue, bottles and caps on the organic layout, otherwise the glue left on the bottles and caps will stain the layout. When pasting, do not cover the pen or needle tube, so as not to drip on the layout and affect the appearance, usually covered with a piece of newspaper after sticking.

Advertising led ultra-thin light box board surface pvc can not be wiped with banana water, thinner, gasoline, can only be wiped with toothpaste dipped in water.

The lamp body, plexiglass layout or PVC board surface of the advertising light box plus reversal film or organic characters or stickers, etc., are composed of fluorescent tubes as light sources and angle iron brackets.

Just like roll up banner China, the advertising light box is also characterized by low cost, easy to make, prominent theme, bright and eye-catching, stunned, diverse, limited learning time, good publicity, and is deeply loved by users.

Ⅱ. Advertising led ultra-thin light box production materials

Keel: Made of wooden strips or angle iron or aluminum alloy profiles.

Light source: two sets of fluorescent tubes.

Slim light box panel: plexiglass swatch or PVC swatch.

Bracket: Tripod.

Common tools for advertising light boxes include electric drills, cross screwdrivers, screws, hacksaws, spade hammers, pliers, small nails, latex, hook knives, wire saws, and plexiglass glue.

Ⅲ. Advertising led ultra-thin light box quality common problems and prevention methods

After the finished product, the font is smaller. The main reason is that during the design, the size of the font is determined according to the 1:10 sample, and the spacing between the words is also larger after enlarging. The spacing problem must be considered when determining the font shape.

The strokes of the font are not properly pasted, mainly because we don't know much about artistic characters. To deepen the research on artistic characters, you can find the leftover material that was sawn and compared when pasting the characters.

The font saw is not straight, uneven or has the phenomenon of uphill or downhill, mainly because the advertising ultra-thin light box does not draw parallel lines and the operation technology is not skilled.

The prevention and control method of advertising light boxes is not to rush for success before operation, but to carefully study the design manuscripts and arrange them according to 1:1.

Work hard on art fonts, and practice technical operations carefully. As the saying goes: "Don't be afraid of being slow, be afraid of standing. It is not cost-effective to waste time and then rework or deduct money from the customer.

Ⅳ. Ultra-thin light box production steps

1. Make a border

For the light box with smaller size, generally use 30mmX40mm, 40mmX50mm wooden frame to make the frame;

If the size of the light box is large, the above-mentioned cantilevered frame material and method can be used, and the frame materials are tenoned and glued together.

2. Installation inside the light box

3. cover panel

The panels of the light box are mostly plexiglass panels, because of their soft light transmission, easy processing and not afraid of wind and rain. The panel and the frame can be connected with screws. Before connecting, a 1.5mm hole should be drilled on the plexiglass plate to prevent the panel from cracking when screwing.

4. Install the metal frame

Use a profile cutter or a small hacksaw to cut aluminum alloy or stainless steel corner bars according to the outer edge of the ultra-thin light box, and drill 1.5mm nail holes at a distance of 500mm-600mm.

Then, cover the metal corners on the outer corners of the light box, and use nails to nail or twist the frame to complete the basic shape of the light box. After the relevant fonts or patterns are adhered to it, the finished light box is finished.

5. Light box installation

When making the light box, it is necessary to consider its installation method. There are many connection methods between the ultra-thin light box and the wall. The commonly used methods are suspension, cantilever and attachment.