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What Are the Common Types of Advertising Flags?

With the prosperity and development of the world economy, various commercial advertising activities are increasing day by day. Outdoor advertising flags, as an excellent exhibition equipment, are an important means to enhance corporate image and are now increasingly being used.

Advertising flags are widely used and placed flexibly. They are suitable for business fields such as opening ceremony, exhibition arrangement, shopping mall promotion, product promotion, enterprise exhibition, press conference, supermarket promotion, indoor and outdoor publicity and promotion activities.

Advertising flags are divided into water injection flags, knife flags, feather flags, etc. They are Widely used in various occasion needs. The advantages of portability and durability, beauty and  convenient installation and use make them important equipment for enterprises indoor and outdoor advertising display.

1. Advertising flag water · filled flag

Water-injection flag as the name implies can be filled with water, is now a kind of advertising flag used for outdoor advertising or exhibition site. Water-filled flag beautiful and durable, easy to use, is an excellent advertising exhibition equipment suitable for shopping malls, hotels, 4S stores, pavilions and other store advertising. Water-injection flag size has 3 meters, 5 meters, 7 meters 3 kinds of height water injection. The flag can be designed according to the needs of use.

2. Advertising flag · knife flag

Knife flag is named for its shape because it is a flag shaped like a knife. It is also known as outdoor rotating screen, feather flag or fan flag. It is the display prop of outdoor exhibition. The modern street lamp advertising knife flag has no knife shape, and most of them are square. Knife flag advertising flagpole, knife shaped telescopic advertising flag, whether wind or not, can be extended for easy viewing. On the beach and the grass it is inserted underground with a drill rod and the cement ground matched with a cross base, a water bag or a sandbag.

3. Advertising flag · feather flag

Feather flag is named because it looks like a feather and because of its curved shape, it is also called water drop flag. It is used in exhibitions, advertising exhibitions, exhibitions and other places. It looks like a feather. Whether windy or not, it can keep the flag flat and fully display. At the same time, it rotates with the wind, which can attract more attention and achieve the effect of exhibition, which is the characteristic of this advertising flag.

There are mainly two designs of aluminum rod and carbon fiber rod. The plug-in design makes it easy to carry and install quickly. At present, these two designs are sold in the Chinese market, mainly for the publicity and promotion of outdoor events, activities and automobile 4S stores. As a high-end novel product, advertising flags gradually replace the traditional color flag.

If there are high requirements for wind strength, pay attention to the material of the rod and the wall thickness of the pipe when purchasing. At the same time, in order to ensure the publicity effect, it is recommended to select the appropriate base according to the use environment, such as the plug-in base for soft beach and grassland.