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The Substrate, Light Source, and Maintenance of LED Fabric Light Box

Ⅰ. What are the substrates and light sources for LED fabric light boxes?

Front light LED fabric light box cloth is used to make front light LED fabric light box, and its light transmittance is generally between 5-10%. This type of LED fabric light box cloth is more resistant to typhoons.

Therefore, it is mostly used to make large outdoor LED fabric light boxes, such as building billboards, highway roadside LED fabric light boxes, and city Optimus Prime LED fabric light boxes.

At present, large-scale outdoor LED fabric light boxes between 100 square meters and 400 square meters produced by China light box suppliers mostly use this kind of light cloth. The mesh cloth is designed and made according to the typhoon climate regions such as Taiwan and Fujian.

Since many meshes are densely arranged on the surface of such materials, the wind can pass through the surface of the light cloth, so the pressure of the typhoon on the LED cloth light box can be greatly reduced, so that the picture can be used outdoors for a longer time.

Because of this characteristic, mesh cloth is mostly used to make oversized signage advertisements and architectural advertisements. 95% of the large-scale color inkjet LED fabric light box pictures in the Chinese market use LED fabric light box fabric as the substrate.

Due to the strong anti-typhoon ability of LED fabric light box cloth, LED fabric light box with satin fabric dye is especially suitable for making large outdoor advertising signs.

According to the light transmittance and the position of the light source, the LED fabric light box fabric is divided into three types: rear lighting LED fabric light box fabric, front lighting LED fabric light box fabric and mesh fabric.

Ⅱ. How to maintain the LED fabric light box?

1. When dismantling and replacing the LED fabric light box, you must be careful to handle it carefully to prevent collision and distortion. Pay attention to leveling the frame on the road, then turn on the power plug, turn off the switch power supply, and come out when there is no electricity. Actual operation. Be careful when checking. At the same time, you need to check the switching power supply channel and I/O part.

2. The specifications of the light box sheet must be consistent with the specifications of the light guide plate. The LED fabric ultra-thin light box must not be too large or too small, which is very easy to damage the actual effect and the release of heat. When installing the light box, use the socket head cap screws to fix it, and at the same time, it is necessary to close everything before proceeding.

3. If the chromaticity of all light boxes is insufficient, please check whether the leakage protection switch is closed and whether the cable in the power plug is loose.

At the same time, it is also necessary to check whether the I/O is loose. If the leakage protection switch blocks the potential difference, then please check the power plug to see if it is powered off.

4. There should not be too high noise in the LED fabric light box. It is necessary to check whether the electronic ballast must be replaced. If the LED fabric light box is bright for a while, please check the electronic ballast, each wiring head and other parts, and the LED lamp tube. Is it brittle.