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How Much Do You Know About the Advantages and Characteristics of LED Fabric Light Boxes?

Ⅰ. What is a LED fabric light box?

Its essence is that the light box cloth is tightened with cable ties, so it is named "led fabric light box", which is suitable for various occasions such as airports, subways, stations, banks, shopping malls, chain enterprises, commercial centers and so on.

Ⅱ. The advantages and characteristics of led fabric light box

1. The real ultra-thin: it is the thinnest backlit light box at present, ultra-thin and ultra-light, elegant and generous in appearance, the thickness of the led fabric light box using the light box sheet picture is only 50mm, and the thickness of the led fabric light box using the light box fabric picture is only 90mm. 

2. Excellent light source effect: The lamp tube adopts new technology, environmental protection and energy-saving LED light bar, ultra-high brightness, the surface illuminance of the light box can reach 3000lux-5000lux, the color temperature can be customized arbitrarily, and the led fabric light box presents super strong white light.

The LED fabric light box produced by professional backlit fabric suppliers has excellent color rendering, which makes the color of the picture more realistic, can achieve the effect of liquid crystal, the light is uniform, and the light box ribs and dark areas are completely eliminated.

3. The size of the light box is not limited: It breaks through the limitation that the traditional ultra-thin light box cannot be made into a large size, and is not limited by the light-guiding distance of the light guide plate light box, and can make any large-sized slim light box.

Further expand the application field of ultra-thin light boxes, expand the applicable occasions, and truly solve the traditional ultra-thin light boxes with bright four sides, low brightness in the middle, yellow light guide plate, ribs, light and shade, high energy consumption, short lamp life, and too thick and heavy. 

4. Easy to use: The frame is designed and made of reinforced aluminum material, which is durable, the flip cover is smooth and convenient, and the hand feel is excellent.

The fixed lamp tube parts are all moulded, the lamp tubes are neatly arranged and beautiful, the circuit structure is simple and safe, the light box can be delivered to all parts of the country in parts, and the transportation and installation are simpler, faster, labor-saving, time-saving and money-saving.

5. Super long life: the life of the lamp can reach more than 50000h. The special aluminum material for led fabric light box has a normal service life of 5-10 years. The frame is made of reinforced aluminum material. The outer frame is fireproof, waterproof, dustproof and durable.

6. Environmental protection and energy saving: The power consumption of LED light bar per meter is only 10W-12W, super energy saving, saving 70% or more of electricity bills than traditional light boxes, no mercury and environmental protection, raw materials can be recycled, real green environmental protection products, all materials used are basically can be recycled and reused, and the light source can be used multiple times, which fully meets the requirements of environmental protection.

7. Safe and reliable: The main components are certified by the manufacturer, and the strict safety design enhances the safety of the product. The use of high-quality light source materials improves the reliability of the finished product.

One power supply can control multiple light bars, reduce the probability of damage, and make the performance of ultra-thin light box lamps more stable. The surface temperature of the light box light source is only 38 degrees, which will not burn the picture and maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

8. Low maintenance cost: stable performance, reducing the probability of replacement of various components, using a long-life light source, saving maintenance labor, saving the cost of replacing lamp tubes, LED fabric light box replacement screen is convenient and simple, no need for professionals to replace the screen .