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Four Types of Outdoor Banner Stands to Enhance the Appeal of Your Advertisements

No matter if you run a small retail shop or a large department store, it is essential for every store to adopt brand advertising strategies to attract new customers. For locally-based stores, outdoor banner ads are an ideal choice. A striking banner or sign can attract more people to enter the store, and also make more people aware of and familiar with the brand. Here are 4 banner stands for your reference

Wall-mounted outdoor banner stand

The wall-mounted banner stand uses a simple frame design to display your ads. The frame is typically square or rectangular, and ropes or elastic bands are threaded through the eyelets on the banner and wrapped around the metal tube to fix the banner in the center of the frame. The entire stand is supported by fence connectors and installed on the wall, which can be fixed to any surface including wood, concrete, and brick walls.

This type of advertising stand is easy to install, cost-effective, and uses galvanized steel for the pipe connectors, which will not rust even after 20 years of use. The cost per year is relatively low on average.

Fixed ground banner stand

The design of the frame is similar to the one mentioned above, but it is fixed on the ground. Thisbanner stand is often used in sports events.

Self-supporting banner stand

The self-supporting stand does not need to be fixed on the ground or the wall, so it is very easy to carry and can be moved at any time. However, it cannot be a long-term solution. In most cases, the weight of the frame itself can ensure that it will not fall down, but in strong wind environments, you may need to place sandbags at the bottom to keep it stable.

A-shaped banner stand

The A-shaped banner stand can display advertisements on both sides. It is not fixed on the ground or the wall, and can be easily moved. The T-shaped connector on the stand can adjust any angle.

Many stands on the market are built with cheap materials and are relatively easy to damage. However, stands built by JinYu are very durable.

JinYu is not only a banner stand manufacturer but also a custom printing company. For more than a decade, JinYu has worked tirelessly every day to help customers provide the best products. Our goal is simple: to provide the highest quality displays and graphics, so that we can help our customers find the best solutions that meet their needs and budgets.