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The Ultra Thin Light Box is Expected to Become the Mainstream Light Box in the Future

We have introduced the classification of ultra-thin light boxes and the development trend of ultra-thin light boxes to you before. Do you know why ultra-thin light boxes will become the mainstream light boxes in the future? What are its characteristics? This article will introduce you to the 6 characteristics of ultra-thin light boxes.

1. The ultra thin light box can save energy

The ultra-thin light box uses less light source than the traditional light box of the same area, and saves more than 80% of electricity. Why can ultra-thin light boxes save more than 80% of electricity?

Because of LED, the development of LED allows ultra-thin light boxes to save more light sources, and the effect of ultra-thin light boxes is getting better and better. Therefore, the energy-saving effect of ultra-thin light boxes will be improved with the development of LEDs.

2. The ultra thin light box is environmentally friendly

Why is the ultra-thin light box environmentally friendly? Because different from other forms of davertisement such as China stretch wall banner, more than 95% of the materials of the ultra-thin light box are recyclable. Therefore, the ultra-thin light box is also one of the most environmentally friendly advertising light boxes.

3. The ultra thin light box is ultra-thin

The slim light box is only a quarter of the thickness of the traditional light box, so the ultra-thin light box is economical and beautiful.  Among them, crystal ultra-thin light boxes can be seen everywhere in high-end places, which shows the popularity of ultra-thin light boxes.

4. The ultra thin light box is convenient

The ultra-thin light box is easy to install and replace. It is easier and quicker to replace the advertising light sheet with the ultra-thin light box. The LED slim light box is one of the most convenient advertising light boxes.

5. The ultra thin light box has good light

The ultra-thin light box has uniform light, completely flat light output, and the effect of the ultra-thin light box is beautiful.

6. The ultra thin light box is beautiful

The advanced light guide design of the ultra-thin light box ensures that the light sheet is not yellowed by the heat generated by the lamp tube of the ultra-thin light box. Ultra-thin light boxes maintain their beauty for a long time.

The above are the 6 major features of ultra-thin light boxes, which make ultra-thin light boxes lead the future trend of advertising light boxes. Therefore, a good ultra-thin light box should have these six characteristics.

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