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At Present, the Problems Existing in the Ultra-thin Light Box Industry Need Your Attention

Internationally, as the issues of environmental protection, energy saving and low carbon continue to heat up, and under the circumstance of extreme shortage of energy, ultra-thin light boxes have become one of everyone's favorite products.

Because the ultra-thin light box is a product integrating energy saving, environmental protection and low carbon, it has become one of the indispensable products in the construction of green buildings and green new city projects.

Ultra-thin light boxes have been gradually applied to large-scale retail industries and hotels. Different types of ultra-thin light boxes can be produced according to the characteristics of each field and place, such as hospitals, government business offices, cultural venues, schools, etc.

In the near future, like thin roller banner, ultra-thin light boxes will run through the streets of the city and become a beautiful landscape.

At present, although the ultra-thin light box combines the advantages of energy saving, low carbon, and environmental protection, it is loved by the majority of consumers, but due to various environmental factors, there are still many problems that need to be paid attention to.

Ⅰ. Problems existing in ultra-thin light boxes

1. The quality of ultra-thin light boxes is uneven

Problems such as lack of standards, insufficient testing and supervision, chaotic and disorderly industries, and investment opportunism have resulted in uneven product quality.

Light box manufacturer should have a heart of public morality, make products that meet the standards, and do not harm others for the sake of profit.

2. The problem of ultra-thin light box light source

If the ultra-thin light box wants to be loved by more people and pay attention to the light source problem, the designer needs to be people-oriented. For the light parameter setting of the ultra-thin light box, brightness, softness, color vividness, etc., make the human body in a comfortable and harmless state.

With the continuous development of society, the ultra-thin light box can only conform to the trend and be loved by more people if it is constantly innovated.

3. How to prevent the frame of the ultra-thin light box from being scratched

How can I prevent the exquisite ultra-thin light box from being damaged? Usually, the frame of the ultra-thin light box is mainly composed of two main parts: the upper cover frame and the lower cover frame.

(1) When assembling profiles, do not drag the profiles on the ground casually. If the surface of the profile touches a hard object on the ground, it is entirely possible that it will be scratched.

(2) The frame of the ultra-thin light box is made of aluminum alloy, and the surface of the frame of the ultra-thin light box should not be next to other hard metal objects.

(3) When the finished ultra-thin borders are stacked together, be sure to protect the borders to prevent excessive rubbing.

Every manufacturer strictly implements the operation procedures in the production, processing, assembly, packaging, delivery and other links.

During production, all the profiles are lifted and moved by more than 2 people, all processed one by one, individually assembled manually, all the foam cotton and foam cotton are individually packaged, and the frame products are specially equipped with wooden frames to ensure the safety of logistics on the way.

All of this ensures that the ultra-thin light box frame profiles can be safely and undamaged in the hands of customers.