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Four Types of Banner Stands and Their Advantages

In terms of different types of banner stands, it is important to evaluate their advantages. A banner stand is an effective way to attract people's attention to exhibition booths. It is easy to transport and there is almost no time for setup and disassembly. Also, a banner stand is cost-effective because one sign can be used for many events. Due to this reason, many brands purchase several different sizes of banners to highlight their events.

In the following, we will introduce four types of eye-catching banner stands for benefiting your trade booths.

1. Tripod banner stand

The tripod banner stand is one of the most common banner stands on the market due to the fixed pole telescope. This design allows graphics to be installed horizontally or vertically at the best working angle. The stand tripod banner can also be single-sided or double-sided. No matter which booth size you rent for the trade show, you will definitely notice the tripod banner stand!

2. Telescopic banner stand

The most popular choice is probably the telescopic banner stand. Companies can choose the telescopic banner stand because it is easy to store and quick to set up. The banner can be retracted into the base and stored there safely until the next event. Another advantage of the telescopic banner is that it is fully customizable with various height options, removable graphic boxes, basic units of different colors, etc.

3. Tension banner stand

A tension banner stand is light in weight and can provide large graphics at an affordable price. It uses the bending of vertical bars to create tension and increase the clarity of the graphics. It is available in different materials so that you can choose a banner stand that is light and easy to transport at a reasonable price.

4. Backlit banner stand

It can be said that the backlit banner stand is our most professional stand. These signs are achieved through a portable light box, which can also be found in halls, museums and other public facilities. Although the LED backlit poster frame looks expensive, the light box and lightweight materials (aluminum and tension fabric) make it affordable.

One of the best ways to bring exhibitions to life is to use a banner stand at the exhibition, which is economical and easy to transport with multiple functions.