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The Characteristics of the Poster Light Boxes in the Subway

Ⅰ. LED poster light box in the subway

The subway is a symbol of urban economic development and a platform that gathers a large number of people in the city every day. It has always been a battleground for offline advertisers. This also makes subway advertising widely popular with advertisers. In subway advertising, the number of poster light boxes distributed in subways is the largest, and they are also the most popular with brands.

Ⅱ. The characteristics of the LED poster light box in the subway

1. Huge flow of people

The subway network can often cover the entire city, and the daily flow of people is huge. Passengers have long exposure to subway advertisements and a high repetition rate, which makes the arrival rate of subway poster light boxes high, and improves passengers' attention and memory of brands and products.

2. High quality of audience

As an advertising audience, subway passengers have extremely high value. Among the people who are accustomed to taking the subway, 85.3% are people under 45, and young white-collar workers who are exposed to poster light box account for the majority. As a group of people with higher education and income, the purchasing power of this type of audience is self-evident.

3. Mandatory viewing

Generally speaking, passengers have a longer route before entering the subway platform. After entering the platform, compared with other public transportation, passengers stay in the subway station for longer time, and whether they are entering or leaving the station, getting on and off the train, or during the journey, they will always come into contact with the poster light box in the subway station.

4. Shocking size

The shocking advertising effect of the LED poster light box can not only fully display the brand concept and information, but also bring an extraordinary advertising experience to the audience.