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Feather Backpack Flag

JinYu BPF - Feather is a light weight backpack flag which perfects for promoting the brand in large crowds. These promotional teardrop banners are the ideal mobile product to complement any marketing campaign. The promotional teardrop flags are worn as backpacks, allowing for constant mobility and customer engagement. This promotional teardrop banners provide the perfect channel for advertising your product or service and are ideal for any indoor or outdoor event. The promotional teardrop flag is lightweight and comfortable to wear, with a feather flag shape. The padded straps and lightweight design make these promotional accessories incredibly versatile during a trade show event or a convention. This backpack flag also includes zippered pockets in which additional marketing materials may be stored. Our feather backpack flag is a great way to promote the brand at events, festivals, roadshows and exhibitions.

Product Code: BPF - Feather

Color: Black

Size: 105cm*40cm

Package: Carton


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Advantages of BPF-Feather Feather Backpack Flag

  • Lightweight backpack system that is easy to assemble.

  • Bottle storage is included on each side of the backpack.

  • Backpack includes a pocket for keeping pamphlets and brochures.

  • Pole set can be detached from the backpack and used as a hand-held display.

Applications of BPF-Feather Feather Backpack Flag

  • Tradeshows.

  • Events, sports.

  • Festival celebrations, and parties.

Technical Data and Dimensions of BPF-Feather Feather Backpack Flag

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