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Dye Sublimation Print 260gsm Blockout Fabric

JinYu JY/SD 260BK is a 100% polyester woven fabric with a smooth print surface. It contains a black interlayer which provides good opacity. Special surface coating is used to significantly enhance the brilliance and vividness of the colors. Perfect for applications to stop flash and glare such as for photo backdrops. The sublimation printing process gives the longest lasting color on this fabric. There is no ink buildup that will prevent wicking of moisture away from the body. This is a very crease resistant, lightproof fabric, and great for theatre backdrops, display frame systems, curtains, banners, roll up and many more. Maximum width we store can reach to 320cm.

Product Code: JY/SD 260BK

Surface: Matte

Weight: 260gsm

Support Substrate: Polyester Fabric

Ink Compatibility: Direct Dye Sublimation, Transfer Dye Sublimation


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Advantages of JY/SD 260BK Dye Sublimation Print 260gsm Blockout Fabric

  • Durable and excellent for outdoor applications.

  • Provides vibrant colors and a photo-clear definition.

  • Water resistance and machine washable.

  • Less light reflection, ideal for location subject to spotlighting or flash photography.

  • Graphics do not fade.

  • High photographic quality.

  • Prints won’t crack or scratch.

  • 100% polyester, an eco-friendly product.

  • Compatible with direct dye sublimation and transfer dye sublimation printing.

Applications of JY/SD 260BK Dye Sublimation Print 260gsm Blockout Fabric

  • Backdrops.

  • Indoor and outdoor P.O.P. displays.

  • Indoor and outdoor promotion banners.

  • Retail shop banners.

  • Sporting event signs.

  • Trade show signs.

Technical Data and Dimensions of JY/SD 260BK Dye Sublimation Print 260gsm Blockout Fabric




Weight (gsm)

ISO 536


Width * Length



2.80m * 100m


30 rolls

3.20m * 100m


30 rolls

To maintain a good quality of this dye sublimation fabric, please store and convert in a climate of 30 ~ 65% relative humidity and at temperatures of 10 ~ 30 °C.

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