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Introduction of the Structure and Installation Skills of Ultra-thin Light Boxes

I. What is an ultra thin light box?

Ultra thin light box, also known as light guide plate ultra-thin light box, is a high-tech product combining light guide technology and digital printing technology. It is a new multifunctional light box made of ordinary fluorescent tubes or LEDs as light sources and a variety of outer frame materials.

II. Structure of ultra-thin light box

The ultra-thin light box is mainly composed of aluminum alloy frame, light guide plate, plexiglass panel, KT board back plate, LED light bar and picture.

1. Aluminum alloy frame

The thickness of aluminum alloy frame is generally less than 3cm, which can maximize the utilization of space. The open aluminum alloy frame on four sides is firm and durable, which perfectly matches its 45 degree double chamfering craft and makes it easy to replace pictures.

2. Organic panel

At present, organic board is made of excellent polymer transparent material, with a light transmittance of 92%, which is higher than that of glass. Ordinary glass can only transmit 0.6% of ultraviolet light, but plexiglass can transmit 73% of ultraviolet light. The density of the organic board is 1.05g/cm³. The weight of the same size material is only half that of ordinary glass, and 43% of the metal aluminum (belonging to light metal). It effectively protects the lamp, and can transmit high light.

3. LED light bar

The cold light source is adopted, which has low heating and will not produce thermal radiation to the displayed goods. The service cycle life of the light tube used in the LED slim light box is 5 to 10 times that of the ordinary light tube, and the service life is up to 10W hours. The extension of the service life greatly saves the cost of customer maintenance personnel.

4. Light guide plate

Due to the use of liquid crystal light guide technology, the ultra-thin light box has higher brightness and strong integrity, which makes the picture or light uniform and soft, strong three-dimensional sense. Thanks to super hard transparent film protection, there is no need to worry about ugly fingerprints while installing or changing the picture.

5. Ultra thin light box backplane

It made of PVC board. The hardness and friction resistance of its surface layer are greatly improved to achieve the actual effect of scratch prevention. In addition, the ink has good adaptability. The actual effect of electroplating process is good, which makes the backplane has such features as the film with strong adhesion, chemical resistance, no deformation under high temperature, cold temperature or humidity weather, etc.

KT board: KT board is a new type of material formed by foaming polystyrene (PS) particles into a board core and laminating the surface. The board body is straight, light, uneasy to deteriorate and easy to process.

6. Light box picture

The picture of ultra-thin light box is displayed in the form of light sheet.

III. Installation skills of ultra-thin light box

Size Measurement: determine the fixing point of the light box installation according to the actual size of the installation hole on the back of the ultra-thin light box. There are three situations:

1. For the wall of aluminum-plastic plate, wood plate and iron plate can be directly fixed with screws;

2. For general cement wall or brick wall, impact drilling shall be used first, and then fixed with expansion screws;

3. For ceramic tile, marble, glass and other walls, you can first drill the glass surface with a drill, then drill expansion screw holes, and then fix the ultra-thin light box.

For the light box to be hoisted or suspended, after selecting the installation position, determine the fixing point for installing the light box according to the actual size of the installation hole position of the ultra-thin light box, and then install the lifting device to connect the ground wire.

Note: the ultra-thin light box of light guide plate adopts electronic ballast, which is easy to produce inductive electricity. Pay attention to the installation of grounding wire.

According to the different requirements for the size of ultra-thin light box, it can be customized with flexible sizes and easy installation.