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Anodized Aluminum Teardrop Beach Flag Pole

JinYu TP/DA is an anodized aluminum and fiberglass combined beach flag pole. The portable flag pole for beach are made of anodized aluminum tubes. Anodizing not only adds color, but also protects the aluminum from oxidizing, so thisportable flag pole for beach is very suitable for outdoor use. Anodizing will not chip, flake, or lose its color like a painted finish. The top section is made of a flexible fiberglass rod which can be bended and fit for teardrop shape beach flags. This teardrop shaped flag pole features a collapsible design for effortless setup and storage. This portable flag pole is light-weight, and easy to assemble. Choose the rotating ground spike for outdoor displays such as parades, retail environments, stadiums or special events. And for indoor events like trade shows use the rotating cross base and waterbag. Anodized beach flag poles are highly recommended for areas where the air has high salt content, such as coastal regions, that can cause the pitting of the aluminum.

Product Code: TP/DA

Color: Silver

Size: 200cm, 310cm, 420cm

Placement Style: Floor Standing / Ground Insert

Package: Carton


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Advantages of TP/DA Anodized Aluminum Teardrop Beach Flag Pole

  • Anodized aluminum poles are strong and sturdy.

  • A loop attached to the flag pole to keep the flag banner secured.

  • Poles connected by snap pins.

  • A variety of high quality flag bases are optional.

  • Collapsible poles with PE protection bag.

Applications of TP/DA Anodized Aluminum Teardrop Beach Flag Pole

  • Tradeshows.

  • Sidewalk promotions.

  • Events, sports.

  • Business center signs.

  • Outdoor commercial activities.

  • Festival celebrations, and parties.

Technical Data and Dimensions of TP/DA Anodized Aluminum Teardrop Beach Flag Pole

Assembled Height

Flag Size











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