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How to Make an Excellent Banner?

Banner design requirements are often needed in our work. Compared with large projects, the demand side will not give designers much time in terms of design costs. Since banner materials and steps will be different in each different situation, we will not go into details about the skills, materials, and steps required to make a banner.

Therefore, how can we make a brilliant and effective banner in a short time? Here are eight tips on how to design a good banner advertisement:

Tips for designing a banner:

1. The theme of the banner should be clear

It is necessary to highlight the theme of the product so that users can recognize the meaning of the advertisement at a glance and reduce excessive auxiliary interference elements. Please make sure not to divide the banner too broad with lots of content, which will lose the browsing center of gravity. Many advertisers tend to think that the more information they convey, the more interested users are. But actually, an advertisement that is trying to deliver everything equals saying nothing.

2. The key text of the banner should be prominent

Text can further tell the user whether a product is on sale or a new product on the market. If the biggest selling point is the "4.1" discount, then the "4.1" should be big enough and eye-catching and the rest should be weakened accordingly.

3. A banner should fit the user's reading habits

The reading sight should fit the user's browsing habits from left-to-right or top-to-bottom, which cannot be placed randomly. Since the user's stay time is inherently short, it is important to catch eyes first and attract attention before gaining exposure and conversion.

4. Arousing the desire to click in the shortest time

In general, users will only focus their attention while browsing the web for a few seconds. Therefore, there is no need to have too many cutscenes. It is necessary to display the product as soon as possible to hit the theme with inspiring slogans to guide users.

5. The banner color should not be too eye-catching

Some advertisers require the use of more exaggerated colors to attract visitors' attention from the banner. In fact, although "bright" colors can attract attention, they tend to make people feel dazzling, unfriendly and even offensive. Therefore, excessively eye-catching colors are not suitable.

6. The banner should not contain too many products

Many advertisers want to show more products on a banner, ranging from 4-5 to 8-10. As a result, the entire banner will become a pile of products. Many products will be overwhelmed because the display size of a banner is very limited, and the visual effect will be greatly reduced. So, more product pictures do not mean a better effect. The easy identification of a banner is the key.

7. The amount of information must be balanced

Many people always consider that everything is important and should be outstanding when there is a lot of information. However, the result will be the opposite. If a banner is full of attractive points, then users will only be noticed. Therefore, it is very important to balance and coordinate various information within the limited space of the banner.

8. There should be blanks in a banner, which can save spaces for graphics and text.

Points need to be noted when designing and making a banner:

It is necessary to highlight the product and its features. Attractive promotional language should be used while appropriately weakening the company name and logo.

More pictures do not mean a better effect. It is important to highlight the key points with necessary production descriptions.

The content should be arranged reasonably to achieve a sharp contrast between the primary and secondary parts.

The color should not be overly exaggerated. A pleasant and comfortable feeling should be created.