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Led cloth light box applicable place and protection method

LED fabric light box has two types, namely with panel and without panel. The panel is a layer of glass on the outside, which protects the advertisements you play inside. Without the panel, you can directly touch the advertising screen. This is the LED fabric light box.

Ⅰ. Application of LED fabric light box

1. Indoor product light box display.

2. Participating parties in large-scale exhibitions (products, corporate culture display).

3. The wall decoration of large shopping malls, hotels, banks and theme hotels.

4. Advertising media such as airports, subways, stations, bus stops, etc.

5. Large-scale vertical billboards on expressways.

Ⅱ. The maintenance of LED fabric light box

1. The surface of the light box is prone to gain dust after a long time of use. It needs to be wiped and cleaned to maintain a good visual effect, but it is not necessary to wipe it every day. Generally, it is better to wipe it once a week to two weeks. Just wipe it with a wet towel.

2. For ultra thin light box back frame, electrical appliances and circuit parts need to be wiped with a dry towel.

3. The light guide plate should avoid bumps, avoid using hard substances, and use a dust-free cloth and white electric oil to gently wipe it to remove stains. Avoid leaving water stains after wiping, so as to avoid light spots. When the dirt is not obvious, there is no need to wipe, and alcohol should not be used.

4. The base fixing screws, regularly use lubricating oil to prevent the bolts from rusting.

Ⅲ. What are the materials for making the LED fabric light box?

1. Light box frame

The LED fabric light box is assembled with light box aluminum profiles, and the pull cloth profile is a four-side open aluminum profile. The LED fabric light box has two styles: built-in and external.

2. Light box light source

LED fabric light boxes commonly used 2835 fabric light bar, 5730 fabric light bar, aluminum fabric fabric light bar, waterproof fabric light bar, diffuse reflection fabric light bar, point light source lamp beads, etc.

3. Light box screen

The most used picture materials are knife scraping cloth, PET light film, and LED cloth light box do not pursue high-quality effects, also applies ordinary polaroid cloth, and the inkjet methods include UV inkjet and photo inkjet with inkjet printable backlit film.

4. Light box back panel

The back panel of LED fabric light box is mostly made of aluminum-plastic panel, PVC panel, color steel plate, etc.

LED ultra thin light box of Shanghai JinYu New Materials Co., Ltd. is designed to provide uniform light emission throughout the panel. There's a delicate balance in designing the etch pattern so you don't get hot or cold spots, and the color is even in the center.

If you are looking for the LED ultra thin light box or a China inkjet gloss pet, please email us and our experts can give you the perfect solution.