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Pavement Signs

Pavement sign stands, also known as outdoor display boards, are a powerful advertising display option to exposure the service or product offerings. Pavement display boards are designed to display offers, information, and advertising as well as to attract passing custom. Outdoor signage is perfect for use in busy high streets and shopping centers, or for businesses that are set back from the main road to help draw in shoppers. JinYu, a pavement sign manufacturer, supplies a range of portable pavement signs including aluminum snap A-boards, powder coated steel A-frame, weighted poster displays, swing sign stands, and chalkboard A-frames and many others. Materials of pavement sign boards can be selected from aluminum, steel, plastic, and timber optional.


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Pavement Signs

  • Snap Frame A-board +


    Snap Frame A-board

    JinYu SAP32 is a snap open aluminum A-board. It is the most popular A-frame sign stand for indoor and outdoor applications. Comes with a non-glare transparent PVC front film. This protects the image i...

  • Snap Frame A-board With Header +


    Snap Frame A-board With Header

    JinYu SAP32H is a snap open aluminum A-board with a sign header. It is the most popular A-frame sign stand for indoor and outdoor applications. Comes with a non-glare transparent PVC front film. This ...

  • Outdoor Snap Frame Poster +


    Outdoor Snap Frame Poster

    JinYu OFP - Pedestal is a spring base snap frame poster for outdoor sign applications. With a sturdy steel springboard base, this changeable sign holder is steadfast in windy conditions and accommodat...

  • Snap Frame Poster With Water Base +


    Snap Frame Poster With Water Base

    JinYu OFP - Whirlwind is a water-fill base snap frame poster for restaurant or retail store. The design of this water base stand helps it stayed weighted down against strong winds. This fillable base ...

  • Corflute Steel A-frame Pavement Signs +

    PSS 1.5

    Corflute Steel A-frame Pavement Signs

    JinYu PSS 1.5 is a black powder coated steel A-frame poster. It is a terrific sign frame for property sale advertisements. It is a double sided sign frame, and people can display two different adverti...

  • Corflute Steel A-frame Pavement Signs +

    PSS 2.0

    Corflute Steel A-frame Pavement Signs

    JinYu PSS 2.0 is a heavy duty black powder coated steel A-frame poster. It is a terrific sign frame for property sale advertisements. This real estate sign frame is supported by two metal hinges, whic...

  • Steel A-frame Poster Pavement Signs +


    Steel A-frame Poster Pavement Signs

    JinYu PSS - Stick is a heavy duty steel A-frame sign poster for long lasting applications. This A-board poster features two glossy white panels for holding all your custom graphics. Just simply stick ...

  • Steel A-frame Poster Pavement Signs +


    Steel A-frame Poster Pavement Signs

    JinYu PSS - Magnetic is a steel construction A-frame poster. This metal A-board is a great addition to any restaurant or retail store's signage collection. This quality pavement sign is constructe...

  • Water Filled A-frame Poster +


    Water Filled A-frame Poster

    JinYu PSW - Plastic is a water-fill plastic A-frame poster. This A-frame stand called pavement sign, or sandwich board stand is double sided for maximum advertising visibility. This feature makes the ...

  • PVC A-frame Poster +


    PVC A-frame Poster

    JinYu PS - PVC is a double-sided plastic sidewalk sign stand. It is a powerful advertising tools at a bargain price. Due to its dual direction design, people walking or driving by are sure to see the ...

Features of Pavement Sign Stands

Pavement sign stand is an extensive collection of poster and sign holders featuring message boards, outdoor information centers, and outdoor poster display stands in a multitude of sizes, styles, and functionality. As a professional banner stand manufacturer who possesses a comprehensive factory, Jinyu has lots of different quality displays meet different exterior signage application requirements. These pavement sign stands are important marketing tools. They can be placed at varied outdoor locations, such as retails stores, malls, school campuses, parks and recreation centers, sports and entertainment centers, restaurants, hotels and resorts, government agencies, and military bases, corporate facilities, medical centers, parking lots, and many more.

Pavement Signs Solutions

Aluminum Snap Open A-boards

This banner stand material is aluminum, so they are light weight and resistant to rusting. These A-frame sign stands snap open and closed on each side to securely contain the graphic and plastic lens inside, that protect the signage panels and decrease glare.

Steel A-frame Signs

These displays are a sturdy, double-sided powder coated steel “A-frame” sidewalk sign that are designed for rigid graphics that slide in from the top, which makes updating your advertising a breeze. Corflute panel is widely used in this A-frame. Due to this, this steel A-frame also named Corflute A-frame Stand.

Wind Resistance Double Sided Sign Boards

This sign board series is one of our most popular pavement signs. Designed for the windy and rainy areas. Its tough exterior incorporates steel springs to prevent the sign from falling over or moving in strong winds. Coupled with a modern design and the popular freestanding water filled base, makes it the perfect outdoor sign. The snap shut opening mechanism allows users to change the graphics easily.

Weighted Poster Displays

These pavement signs have fillable bases for water or sand to secure advertising presentations. This retractable display is weighted and wind-resistant so it will not tip during inclement weather.

Swing Sign Stands

Get round-the-clock brand advertising and improve your company’s brand awareness with a swing sign, ideal for displaying tactical and promotional messages. These pavement signs work best with a weighted base choose from water or sand.

  • Advertising Agencies Advertising Agencies
    Advertising Agencies

    JinYu works with advertising agencies in various capacities to help them serve their clients the best. With our elite and outstanding capabilities, our advertising agency partners can focus on their target and win easily.

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  • Event Planners Event Planners
    Event Planners

    It's important for event planners to know the signage types and the benefits they can give to events. JinYu carries a variety of signage options which provides all of the tools needed to build an attractive event that will impress attendees.

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  • Retail Retail

    For retailers, outdoor signs are often the first impression a customer gets of a business. JinYu comprehensive range of quality signage products will help you to send a message about your brand and what your business has to offer.

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  • Wholesale Signs & Printing Wholesale Signs & Printing
    Wholesale Signs & Printing

    JinYu knows the importance of providing quality, reliable products for wholesale signs and printing services. We are proud to provide event signage, custom banners and other types of signs with the assurance that we’ll always respect your customer relationship.

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  • Directional Signage Directional Signage
    Directional Signage

    Directional signage refers to signs and graphics that help people find key locations in an area and deliver important information. JinYu pavement sign stands work great in any outdoor and indoor display applications. We can fabricate pavement sign stands that are waterproof and weatherable, using UV-resistant inks for text and images.

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  • Promotions Promotions

    Custom flag is one of the most effective forms available to promotional today. Since flag advertisement is so much more eye-catching than other static options, it offers an exceptional opportunity to promote your company.

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  • Branding Branding

    Branding graphics will enhance the appeal of your business and bring you new opportunities. With custom signs, you can celebrate the release of a new branding, show off your latest deals, and make your dealership a household name in your area. Due to their versatility and effectiveness, you’ll want to consider adding custom graphics to your dealership.

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