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What Are the Characteristics and Advantages of Knapsack Flag?

The backpack flag, as its name implies, is a mobile advertising media that uses humans as a carrier, backpack display racks as a publishing tool, and walking as a mobile mode. Popular in the last ten years, it has been favored by advertisers and has become fashionable.

I. Characteristics and advantages of backpack flag

1. The backpack flag is characterized by its flow with human body, good display effect, easy to catch attention, stronger momentum with more people, high return rate, low cost, and very flexible and convenient. It is suitable for areas with large traffic such as commercial street, pedestrian street, exhibition hall and square.

2. The advantages of backpack flag are strong mobility, high attention rate, simple use, convenient storage and easy management. The backpack flag has a novel form and can be used in a wide range of channels and areas and can be reused for many times.

II. Price of backpack flag

With so many advantages, the price of mobile backpack flag is always been concerned. Fortunately, price will not be too high because of its relatively small size, usually tens of yuan to more than 100 yuan. It can be reused many times so the cost performance is very high.

It is worth noting that education and training institutions especially like backpack flag. Instead of the boring habit of issuing advertising leaflets, the content of the flag is designed for free. Set dozens of backpack flags and carry them to publicize the organization, the lively scene, shocking scene and good effect have made the backpack flag become the standard configuration of more and more education and training institutions.

In addition, backpack flag is also used in real estate advertising, automobile advertising, promotional advertising, new store opening, etc. More and more industries like to fall in love with backpack flag. Backpack flag can be used as long as there is publicity demand.

III. Backpack flag enterprise

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