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The Features and Uses of the X Banner

1. What is an x banner?

The x-banner is an exhibition display product with an x-frame stand on the back for advertising. The x banner is a vivid tool for terminal publicity and promotion. Designing a matching product promotion display rack, coupled with a creative LOGO sign, makes the product prominently displayed in front of the public, thereby enhancing the role of product advertising.

2. Features of x-banner

The x-banner is a light and fast advertising material, with simple design, convenient transportation, easy storage and simple installation. It is economical and practical, and very convenient. The x-banner is a handy and fast advertising material. It is light in weight. It takes less than a minute to install a complete display stand, which is very convenient.

The X banner can support a larger area of spray painting surface with high cost performance, and it is convenient to put away and carry. The advertising effect is comparable to that of roll-up banners.

3. The purpose of the x banner

The X banner is used for the same purpose as the roll-up banner. It is a kind of advertising material in public places, event gatherings or business shops. It is also a display item for wedding celebrations. It is small and exquisite, easy to carry, detachable, and replaceable. It can be used repeatedly for a long time. X-banner screens are generally inkjet printing, with integral components and no need to assemble. The adjustable angle brackets are flexible and changeable, small in size, and diverse in styles.

X banners are widely used in exhibitions and display activities in large stores, shopping malls, supermarkets, exhibitions, companies, job fairs and other places. They are also used in exhibition advertising, touring display, commercial promotion and conference presentation.