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Why Are Traditional Light Boxes Replaced by Ultra-thin LED Light Boxes

Now we see more and more ultra-thin led poster light boxes on the roadside, but we don't seriously think about the difference between LED ultra-thin light boxes and traditional light boxes? Why are ultra-thin LED light boxes so popular now? Let's have a look!

1. Ultra-thin LED light box is unlimited both in outdoor and indoor. The LED lamp is not only small, but also the LED chip of each unit is a 3-5m square. Therefore, it can be made into devices of various shapes, and is suitable for any changeable environment. What’s more, it has strong weather resistance. In terms of manufacturing size, because the frame of the ultra-thin LED lamp box is a finished profile, it only needs to be cut and assembled in time with a high-precision cutting machine, which is easier and simpler to operate than the traditional lamp box, and shortens the production cycle.

2. Compared with the traditional fluorescent lamp box, the ultra-thin LED lamp box has low power consumption, and the saved electricity cost is equal to the free use of the ultra-thin lamp box, which solves the problem of excessive power consumption of the traditional lamp box. Moreover, the ultra-thin LED light box uses low-voltage power supply, and the power supply voltage ranges from 6 to 24V, which will change according to the characteristics of products. This voltage is a safer power supply than using high-voltage power supply, and is suitable for public places.

3. The bulb of LED light box has a long service life and consumes 80% less energy than the white lamp with the same light effect, which effectively solves the problem of short service life of the lamp tube of traditional light box.

4. The LED bulb of ultra-thin LED light box has high brightness and is eye-catching.

5. The ultra-thin LED light box has built-in high-definition photo lights, and the color of illuminated picture is bright, clear and uniform, which makes passers-by can't help looking more.

6. The light of the ultra-thin LED light box can evenly irradiate every corner of the light box. While in traditional light box, some places are bright and some places are dark. This phenomenon is called "ribs lamp" in the industry.

7. Ultra-thin LED light box does not contain harmful metal mercury pollution, which threatens to the environment.

8. The LED lamp of the ultra-thin LED lamp box can change the current color change, and the LED can conveniently adjust the energy band structure and band gap of the material through chemical reaction, so as to realize the multi-color luminescence of red, yellow, green, blue and orange.

9. The LED light box is easy to install. The replacing of pictures in the light box is simple and effective, and the advertising content in the LED light box can be put at any time, which can reduce the installation cost for repeated advertising and greatly improve the quality and reduce bad losses.

10. Ultra-thin LED light box has such fuctions as special waterproof, environmental protection and etc.. It can also be used for outdoor advertising by advertisers. It can not only improve the brand grade of light box, but also ensure the quality and environmental protection.

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