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210µm Solvent Inkjet PET Banner Film

JinYu CF/SPW0210M is a heavyweight 100% polyester inkjet banner film with a white backside. It is suitable for printing with solvent, latex and UV inks and is an excellent solution for a multitude of medium-term indoor and outdoor banner applications. It can be easily sewn, and its high tear resistance and outstanding flatness guarantee simple and reliable processing. The matte finish guarantees robust and scratch resistant prints, characterized by high color brilliance, saturation and image sharpness. It is ideal for pop-up, roll-up, X displays, and an array of close viewing indoor applications. The material does not require lamination and is available in a matte finish.

Product Code: CF/SPW0210M

Surface: Matte

Thickness: 210µm

Support Substrate: PET

Ink Compatibility: Solvent, Eco solvent, UV, Latex


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Advantages of CF/SPW0210M 210µm Solvent Inkjet PET Banner Film

  • Designed specifically for retractable banner stands.

  • Matte surface prevents undesired glare.

  • Non-tearing property.

  • White front and back finish.

  • Superb print surface, allows excellent ink coverage and fast drying times.

  • Exceptional print quality with solvent, eco-solvent and UV inks.

  • Strong extruded polyester, PVC free, non-curling base ensures stay flat image in the banners.

  • High whiteness for wide color gamut and deep rich color.

  • High image definition and line clarity for better resolution and sharpness of images.

Applications of CF/SPW0210M 210µm Solvent Inkjet PET Banner Film

  • Retractable banner stands.

  • X-Banners.

  • Posters.

  • POS display.

  • Indoor and outdoor display.

  • Front-lit display banner.

  • Wallboard graphic etc.

Technical Data and Dimensions of CF/SPW0210M 210µm Solvent Inkjet PET Banner Film




Thickness (µm)

ISO 534


Width * Length



0.914m * 30m


30 rolls

1.07m * 30m


30 rolls

1.27m * 30m


30 rolls

1.52m * 30m


30 rolls

To maintain a good quality of this inkjet PET banner film, please store and convert in a climate of 30 ~ 65% relative humidity and at temperatures of 10 ~ 30 °C.

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