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The Advantages of Raw Materials and Classification of LED Light Box Applications

As an engineering project, outdoor advertising LED light box has been gradually integrated into everyone's daily life. Blister light boxes and acrylic light boxes that we often use, as well as common outdoor billboards in stores, restaurants and guild halls, are also high-end light boxes.

I. Raw materials for LED light box

1. The light transmittance shall be at least above 88.6%, so that the actual effect of LED light box will be more extreme.

2. Flatness of plate: Make sure that the plate maintains a good flatness so the actual effect of seeing the inside of the light box from the outside will be more real without distortion and deformation, which will further improve the actual effect of publicity and planning of the light box.

3. The total area size of the LED light box also has certain regulations on the thickness of the PC endurance board. For example, the total area of the plan of the outdoor advertising light box is very large, which has certain regulations on the thickness of the PC board. The larger the total area, the thicker the thickness of the PC endurance board is required, so as to maintain the flatness of the surface.

4. The PC endurance board used for outdoor LED light box stipulates that the board contains UV coating. The board will gradually turn yellow under direct natural light for a long time, which will endanger the service life and beauty of LED light box. For this situation, the PC endurance board for outdoor light box must have UV coating.

The PC endurance board meeting the above four points can meet the requirements and become the preferred raw material of the manufacturer.

II.  Classification of LED light box

Outdoor light box advertising sign is a common form of advertising. In the streets and alleys of big cities, LED advertising light boxes can be seen in the daytime or at night, standing on the streets and communities. Whether people arrive or not, the store open or close, it continuously presents advertisements there.

Four types of LED advertising light boxes:

1. Square or rectangular advertising LED light box are generally used on both sides of the avenue or on the street lamps of the road, with single-layer or two sides.

2. Advertising light boxes composed of two or more light boxes are generally used in subway stations and airport waiting halls, suspended on the head, or embedded in the wall.

3. Cylindrical tower column, tower Pavilion and outdoor light box.

4. There are also some more developed areas that use street advertising.

III. Advantages of LED light box

1. The outdoor light box advertising fund is invested at a low cost which is immediately oriented to the advertising audience and close to customers.

2. The overall target audience is highly purposeful. Be able to reach groups in basically every aspect within the idealized scope.

3. Full time period, time allocation is beneficial. It stands there 24 hours a day and completes the contact with customers all the time.

4. The outdoor LED light box has diversified ways and large artistic space.

5. The lifelike interface, gorgeous colors, brilliance and magic illuminate the indoor space of our daily life.