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The Characteristics and Selection of Crystal Light Boxes

Ⅰ. The characteristics of crystal ultra-thin light box

As the scope of application of crystal light boxes becomes wider and more frequent, the crystal light boxes adopt a side light guide design, and the light is uniform;

Transparent crystal frame: when the light box is lit, the surroundings are brilliant and beautiful. So, what are the characteristics of crystal light boxes?

1. The panel of the crystal light box is as crystal clear as crystal, and the crystal led ultra-thin light box is light and beautiful as a whole, exquisite and durable;

2. The installation and replacement of the light box is very simple and convenient, and there are two forms of placing on the table and hanging on the wall;

3. The high-quality light guide plate is used, and the overall light is soft and uniform;

4. It is more energy-saving, because it uses Led;

5. The thickness is only 10mm, which is a veritable ultra-thin light box.

Ⅱ. How to buy crystal led ultra-thin light box?

Nowadays, crystal light boxes are widely used in various places such as clubs, hotels, bars, restaurants, etc. What requirements should be mastered when purchasing crystal light boxes?

1. Crystal advertising light boxes are different from general products. Such a crystal slim light box is not only a system project, but also contains many design aspects, so it must not only be comprehensive and macroscopic, but also microscopic in detail.

If you want to have a high-quality crystal led ultra-thin light box, the material is a key point. Only the upper material can create a more high-quality, high-performance advertising light box.

2. Many consumer groups and business friends pay too much attention to the price when buying crystal light boxes. You must know that price is closely related to quality and performance.

To put it simply, advertising light boxes with good design, excellent materials, and fine workmanship will naturally have a higher cost price, so the price will also be higher. The cost and price of crystal ultra-thin light boxes with poor design, poor materials and rough workmanship are naturally much lower.

However, the former can be used for a long time, and the performance is guaranteed to be intact, while the latter may fail frequently during use, requiring constant maintenance, wasting unnecessary time and capital costs.

We suggest that when purchasing this type of crystal advertising light box, do not pay too much attention to the price, but pay more attention to the quality and performance of the product as much as possible. As a reliable manufacturer, Jin Yu provides high-quality display & graphic products, including beach flag base, light box. If you need help finding a high-quality crystal advertising light box for your customers, please email us and let our experts guide you to the perfect solution.

3. Many consumer groups and business customers lack certain experience when purchasing crystal ultra-thin light boxes. They always decide to order this kind of light boxes, which requires a long production cycle, so they choose to buy off-the-shelf.

However, people did not expect that the quality of products in stock usually does not count as upper-middle or upper-level, and generally belong to some light boxes with poor quality and insufficient workmanship, which cannot meet the standards of many high-level and high-demand customers.