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Solvent Inkjet Artist Canvas

JinYu carries a line of canvas that is compatible with both traditional solvent ink and the more environmentally friendly eco solvent ink. Available for polyester canvas, poly-cotton canvas and 100% natural cotton canvas. Ideal for any photo or fine art printing. JinYu solvent inkjet canvas is available in variety of thicknesses and surface textures for various types of applications. Some solvent inkjet canvas rolls are used for high-end, museum-quality art reproductions or heirloom portraits; other solvent inkjet canvas rolls are used for wall decor prints or to add an art-like look to shorter-term retail displays and promotional graphics.


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Solvent Inkjet Artist Canvas

Features of Solvent Inkjet Artist Canvas

As one of the experienced banner stand suppliers, JinYu solvent inkjet canvas includes both glossy and matte surface which popular in current market. Glossy coatings typically produce higher color gamut and more water resistance and stretchability. But the canvas weave is more evident on matte canvases. Matte canvases can also be more versatile, because you can add a gloss, luster, or satin-finished clearcoat or varnish to a water-resistant matte canvas.

If you need help finding the right solvent inkjet canvas for your need, please email us and let our experts guide you to the perfect solution.

Solvent Inkjet Artist Canvas Solutions

Solvent Inkjet Polyester Canvas

These are 100% polyester fabrics with high water resistance and can be used as banners externally. Originally used as a signage, JinYu solvent polyester canvas products have been upgraded for photography and have much better color imaging than the signage types with higher white points.

Solvent Inkjet Poly-Cotton Blend Canvas

These general-purpose canvas types offer greater dimensional stability and regularity than traditional 100% cotton blends. The inkjet print media is far less likely to slacken on the frame over time and does not grow or shrink when printed. JinYu solvent based poly-cotton blend canvas products is archival with acid free coatings and water-resistant surfaces. They suit for solvent, eco solvent, UV and Latex inks.

Solvent Inkjet 100% Natural Cotton Canvas

100% Natural cotton canvas featuring a subtle feel and random texture for greater perceived value. This canvas type is available in both a bright white for the reproduction of photographs or a natural white version for the reproduction of fine art. Modern natural cotton products are made from seedless cotton canvas and are compliant enough to be finger stretched over wooden frames.

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