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Six Advantages of the Slim Light Box

The slim light box has replaced the traditional light box that is heavy with uneven light and consumes electricity. It is favored by users due to the many advantages of LED light sources like energy saving.

The composition of the slim light box:

This illuminated poster display is available in ABS and aluminum alloy materials. The thinnest aluminum alloy bending light box can reach 1.6cm with the use of rounded corner design and electrophoresis process coloring, which greatly improves the environmental level. The following part will introduce the six advantages of the slim light box.

Six advantages of the slim light box

1. Bright uniform light: The bright light is completely flat output and it is nearly perfect and uniform. It completely eliminates the uneven light marks from the ordinary light box. In addition to its wide application in public places due to its excellent optical properties, it has also expanded the application in high-tech fields such as precision display, photography and medical viewing, scientific research, and high-standard lighting. The effect is comparable to that of a tablet.

2. Convenient installation: High-quality aluminum alloy frame structure is widely adopted to the slim light box. In addition, it is equipped with removable hooks or hanging holes, which makes the installation and screen replacement simple and fast. It also saves labor, time and money.

3. High efficiency and energy saving: Another commendable advantage of the slim light box is energy saving. Due to the use of advanced light-guide plate lighting technology, the power consumption is only 23% of the ordinary light box with the same screen area. With 1㎡ screen area light box for 10 hours a day, the annual power consumption of an ordinary light box is nearly 900 degrees while the annual power consumption of a slim light box is only 200 degrees. It saves 77% of electricity, and the electricity bills saved in one year can recover the investment.

4. Slim and light: It has a beautiful appearance with a thickness generally less than 3cm. It maximizes the space utilization rate, beautifies the environment, and broadens the scope of application.

5. Stable and durable: The slim light box has special high-brightness LED strips, which have an average service life of more than 50,000 hours. The service life of the LED strips used in the slim light box is more than 10 times that of the ordinary light tube, and the extension of the service life greatly saves the maintenance cost.

6. Convenient image replacement: The panel of the slim light box has a magnetic design, and only a suction cup tool is needed to open it. It only takes 30 seconds to replace an image, which greatly reduces the labor cost.

Compared with the traditional light box, the slim light box does not have situations such as lamp flickering, uneven lamp brightness, dazzling light, short-circuit fire caused by water in the box. Also, the whole plane will not generate heat and the displayed lamp will not be heated to yellow. Due to the use of liquid crystal light guide technology, the slim light box has higher brightness, strong integrity, uniform and soft light, and a strong three-dimensional effect. The advertising effects will be better due to its novelty and fashion.