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Step & Repeat Banner Stand

Step & Repeat Backdrop Banner Stand is a backdrop display that has one or more sponsor logos repeated in a step or diagonal alternating pattern. It is to emphasize a brand name, company logo or sports team name during media press conferences, red carpet events and special events. JinYu has large adjustable banner stands that range from 8*8ft to 10*12ft at competitive prices. These highly portable stands feature a telescopic pole allowing you to adjust the width of your custom printed vinyl or dye sublimation printed banner.


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Step & Repeat Banner Stand

  • Step & Repeat Banner Stand +


    Step & Repeat Banner Stand

    JinYu BDS - Classic is an upgrade step and repeat banner stand. It is an ideal display for front-and-center advertising at memorable events such as red-carpet affairs, press releases, fashion shows or...

  • Step & Repeat Banner Stand +


    Step & Repeat Banner Stand

    JinYu BDS - Premium is a newly upgrade step and repeat banner stand. Its strong 30mm*34mm*38mm aluminum tubes and two sturdy steel feet keep the backdrop stand in place. The max size of this premium b...

Features of Step & Repeat Banner Stand

In our professional banner stand factory, large adjustable banner stands feature an easy to assemble, free standing frame that can be packed up and set up at any show or event in just minutes. With these portable adjustable jumbo banner stands you can promote your brand effectively. These telescoping display stands allow you to get the most out of your advertising space whether you are using them as a backdrop at trade shows or as a step and repeat banner for a special event at your store or for your organization.

If you need help finding the right step & repeat backdrop banner stand for your need, please email us and let our experts guide you to the perfect solution.

Step & Repeat Banner Stand Solutions

Classic Step & Repeat Backdrop Banner Stand

The standard one is made by 19mm*22mm*25mm aluminum tube. This one is lighter weight and for most of the sign applications. Adjustable banner stands that hold banners with pole pockets are the most popular for this application because they are inexpensive and can hold large banner sizes. 8ft*8ft is the most common step and repeat backdrop size. This tension stand takes several minutes to set up and take down, and the banner must be transported separately from the stand, but the fact that they break down to a compact size and have adjustable width and height makes them popular.

Premium Step & Repeat Backdrop Banner Stand

JinYu also provides a heavier weight banner with 30mm*34mm*38mm aluminum tube. The enhanced banner stand is a heavy duty version of this design, and it also has optional conversion kits that allow it to hold 10ft or 12ft banners for situations that require a really big backdrop.

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