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The Advantages and Price of Ultra-thin Light Box

Since the introduction of ultra thin light box, indoor light box has been unified with a strong momentum. With seven advantages of ultra-thin, energy-saving and convenient, the price is more advantageous.

Ⅰ. The advantages of ultra-thin light box

1. Ultra-thin, ultra-light, exquisite appearance. The light box can be as thin as 20mm and as light as 500g;

2. The LED ultra thin light box is 75% energy-saving than the ordinary light box. The lighting technology is more advanced, so that the light is more concentrated, and it is more efficient and energy-saving;

3. Realistic color design of natural light, the image is more realistic and pleasing to the eye, and the visual effect is more outstanding;

4. The light box has a long life span; the light tube is 1 year, and the light box is 3 years.

5. The light source of the LED slim light box is from point to surface.

6. Make full use of the material's back light transmission characteristics, high light emission rate, and more uniform and natural light transmission;

7. Quick opening design makes the lamp easier and faster to replace;

Ⅱ. The LED light box price

The LED light box price is also based on custom-made. The materials for producing ultra thin light box can be divided into several grades, such as light guide plates, LED light bars, aluminum frame, etc. Their materials and quality are different, and the prices are naturally different. Only with certain models and specifications can the price be targeted and meaningful.

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