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Why Does the LED Slim Light Box Gradually Replace EEFL Backlight Box

EEFL backlight light box can be said to be all the rage, but with the emergence of LED slim light box, EEFL backlight box is gradually replaced by it. Why LED slim light box can replace the position of EEFL backlight box and become the epoch-making most popular light box?  

1. LED slim light box has a longer life than EEFL backlight box 

EEFL backlight light box is very popular in the past few years because EEFL light source can achieve 50% energy saving, and the light source and heat emission are relatively small. In the past few years, it is really difficult to find products to replace EEFL light sources.  

However, with the emergence of the LED light source and their continuous improvement, the service life of chips is getting longer and longer, especially for imported chips, brightness is higher and higher, and achieve more and more energy saving. This makes the LED light source advantage more obvious. The energy-saving of LED light sources can reach 75% to 85%, and the life is up to 5-10 years, which is obviously better than EEFL light sources.  

2. LED slim light box is smaller and safer  

The reason why EEFL backlight light box produced by backlit fabric suppliers is gradually replaced is that the volume of LED is very small, so when making ultra thin light box, it can be made thinner and thinner. The change in volume makes ultra thin light box show in front of the public with a better appearance effect.   

The thinner the light box is, the higher the heat in the light box will be. Although the heat emitted by EEFL light source is relatively less. If the volume of the light box is too small, it is likely to cause the heat in the light box to be too high, and the wire will spontaneously ignite.  

But LED slim light box is a good solution to this problem because the voltage of LED light source is 12 volts, and LED heat dissipation is very small, so there will be no safety problems in this respect.  

And LED light source of 12 volts of voltage, neither like EEFL light source has the danger of electrical injury, but also not easy to cause other dangers because of short circuit.  

LED slim light box will not replace EEFL backlight box for a long time. And in consideration of all aspects of safety, a regular advertising light box company will make LED slim light box for you.  

LED slim light box of Shanghai JinYu New Materials Co., Ltd. uses LED of high quality and produces the largest LUX and the smallest aging with passage of time. They can make LED slim light box according to your needs. Their LED slim light box is the star product in the advertising light box.  

If you need to find the LED slim light box that fits your needs, please you contact Shanghai JinYu New Materials Co., Ltd. Please email us and our experts will find the perfect solution for you.