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220gsm Dye Inkjet Luster Photo Paper

JinYu YP/APH220L is a luster finish instant dry inkjet printing photo paper. This luster finish photo paper features a luminous shine that falls somewhere between a no-glare matte paper and a highly reflective glossy photo paper. The luster finish produces softer contrasts that can blur skin imperfections. Prints on this premium luster photo paper aren’t as likely to show fingerprints when each print is passed around or viewed in a book or album. Perfect to showcase the photos, designs, artwork or presentations and all from the comfort of home or office. It can be also used for photo realistic prints, display such as posters, billboards, kiosk, point-of-purchase printing and more.

Product Code: YP/APH220L

Surface: Luster

Weight: 220gsm

Support Substrate: Coated Paper

Ink Compatibility: Dye


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Advantages of YP/APH220L 220gsm Dye Inkjet Luster Photo Paper

  • Excellent color reproduction.

  • Homogeneous gloss in printed and unprinted areas.

  • High quality, stiff base paper.

  • Durable surface finish.

Applications of YP/APH220L 220gsm Dye Inkjet Luster Photo Paper

  • Posters and presentations.

  • POP displays.

  • Tradeshow graphics.

  • Fine art reproduction and photographic.

Technical Data and Dimensions of YP/APH220L 220gsm Dye Inkjet Luster Photo Paper




Weight (gsm)

ISO 536


Width * Length



0.61m * 30m


50 rolls

0.914m * 30m


50 rolls

1.07m * 30m


50 rolls

1.27m * 30m


50 rolls

1.52m * 30m


50 rolls

To maintain a good quality of this inkjet photo paper, please store and convert in a climate of 30 ~ 65% relative humidity and at temperatures of 10 ~ 30 °C.

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