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Advertising Agencies

  • Custom Flags

    JinYu customized advertising flags are ideal promotional materials for wholesale & retail today. These flags with their distinctive shapes are the perfect way to attract attention for your event, exhibitor booth, or promotion. JinYu custom flags stand out in the crowd with their high-quality construction and crisp, clear digital printing.

  • Custom Print Table Covers & Throws

    JinYu table covers & throws are excellent table toppers for trade shows, presentations, and media events. The graphics of our imprinted table covers are printed by direct dye sublimation printing systems and the fabrics are 100% washable. The popular polyester table fabric is 8.8oz weight. Loose and stretched designs are available. Complete your presentation with our high-quality and cost-effective table cover.

  • Pop Up Canopy Tents

    JinYu custom pop up canopy tents provide a great deal of value to organizations that use them. Branded tents for events are an ideal choice for those who need to section off certain areas of event space and draw attention to them. Backwalls and sidewalls are optional, and this means that you'll have a large backdrop to display your message and branded graphics. As a professional canopy tent factory in China, Jinyu provides quality canopy tents for you at great wholesale prices!

  • Banners

    Both indoor and outdoor banners will stand out to your attendees and brand the event as your own. JinYu outdoor banners and outdoor banner stands wholesale can be hung over the front of your entrance, containing eye-catching imagery and messaging to welcome attendees. They can also be attached along the sides of buildings or off lamp posts to make walkways more attractive and to generate attention for the event before it begins. And, JinYu indoor banners can be hung over stages or placed in free-standing banners poles throughout the event. Interior banners can be used for both informational and aesthetic purposes, causing them to be a favorite among event planners.