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440gsm Matte Solvent Inkjet Backlit Film

JinYu CF/SPB1440M is a matte PVC and polyester hybrid backlit banner which need to be both sturdy and light illumination. The top layer is a translucent PVC film which compatible with solvent and eco solvent inkjet printers. The polyester supporting layer features an excellent layflat property. Due to its hybrid property, it is not recommended to UV or Latex high temperature inkjet systems. It is ideal for backlit display graphics, such as light box graphic, backlit trade show display, department store display, luminous advertising surface, bus shelter, metro illuminated signage, and more. The maximum width can reach to 320cm.

Product Code: CF/SPB1440M

Surface: Matte

Weight: 440gsm

Support Substrate: PET

Ink Compatibility: Solvent, Eco Solvent


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Advantages of CF/SPB1440M 440gsm Matte Solvent Inkjet Backlit Film

  • Easy to handle, quick drying polyester backlit film with non-glare matte coating.

  • For eye-catching signs and displays in all types of lightboxes and backlit kiosks.

  • Handles heavy ink loads for vivid colors, deep black and high-resolution images.

  • Compatible with wide format printers that use solvent and eco solvent inks.

Applications of CF/SPB1440M 440gsm Matte Solvent Inkjet Backlit Film

  • Indoor, outdoor lightboxes.

  • Casino games.

  • Beverage dispensers.

  • Airport, metro displays.

  • Theatre displays.

Technical Data and Dimensions of CF/SPB1440M 440gsm Matte Solvent Inkjet Backlit Film




Weight (gsm)

ISO 536


Width * Length



0.914m * 50m


30 rolls

1.07m * 50m


30 rolls

1.27m * 50m


30 rolls

1.52m * 50m


30 rolls

1.80m * 50m


30 rolls

2.50m * 50m


30 rolls

3.20m * 50m


30 rolls

To maintain a good quality of this inkjet backlit film, please store and convert in a climate of 30 ~ 65% relative humidity and at temperatures of 10 ~ 30 °C.

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