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What Factors Need to Be Considered when Making Advertising Light Boxes?

We can see the gorgeous advertising light boxes in the streets and alleys, shopping malls, bank stations, etc. What kind of craftsmanship is required for the production of advertising light boxes? Let's talk about the issues that need to be paid attention to in the production of advertising light boxes:

1. Material selection of advertising LED slim light boxes

The material selection of advertising light boxes is an important factor in determining the quality of advertising light boxes. The materials used in advertising light boxes mainly include acrylic boards, PC boards or light sheets and light sources. In the production process of advertising light boxes, the materials must be selected one by one to ensure the quality.

2. The lighting degree of advertising LED slim light box

Daylighting includes two aspects of lighting and brightness of advertising light boxes, in addition to considering the use of suitable light strip illuminants and the number and distribution of light strips.

Also pay attention to the light transmittance, light reflection and diffusion of the acrylic board, so that the advertising ultra-thin light box can achieve the best impact effect at all angles. Advertising light boxes are installed in different locations and require different numbers of light boxes to achieve the best results!

3. Accuracy of acrylic board (PC board, light sheet) for advertising ultra-thin light box

In the processing of advertising light boxes, certain processing techniques should be paid attention to, such as: engraving, polishing, and cooling holes.

4. The advantages of traditional scrolling LED advertising light boxes and LED screen scrolling ultra-thin light boxes

Just like choosing a paddle stand sanitizer, it is important to pay attention to the quality and price of the product when choosing an advertising light box.The price of traditional scrolling LED advertising light boxes is relatively affordable, but it is prone to failure and the use time will not be too long, so when choosing, you can choose according to your expected use time and economic strength.

LED screen scrolling advertising light boxes generally use a metal proximity sensor to detect the positioning and reversing of the screen, and paste metal tin foil paper on the appropriate position of the screen.

When the picture rotates to a position close to the sensor near the metal, the entire chain will be passed through, and the command will notify the single-chip microcomputer to control the picture to stop or turn, which forms the picture change of the advertising LED slim light box.

The LED screen scrolling advertising light box is the most advanced and popular ultra-thin light box. It can be used for a long time, the probability of problems is less, and it is convenient to replace the content, but the price is high! Now many shopping malls, community buildings, and banks are using LED screens to scroll advertising light boxes.

The LED screen scrolling advertising light box uses the LED screen as the main body of the advertising content. Through data transmission technology, the content is read into the screen through USB or data hard disk.

Traditional scrolling LED advertising light boxes are static pictures, LED screen scrolling advertising light boxes can be static pictures, or dynamic pictures in the form of video, advertising LED slim light boxes are richer in the display of advertising content, and can achieve publicity effects!