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What Are the Advantages of Ultra-thin Light Box?

Ultra-thin light box is a new type of advertising carrier developed by drawing inspiration from the backlighting technology of LCD TVs, among various advertising light boxes. What are the advantages of ultra-thin light boxes compared to traditional ones? Today, we will briefly introduce the advantages of ultra-thin light boxes.

Introduction to ultra-thin light boxes

Ultra-thin light boxes, also known as side light source light guide plate ultra-thin light boxes or backlighting energy-saving light boxes, are high-tech light box products that combine light guide technology with digital printing and etching technology. They generally use ordinary fluorescent tubes, LED light strips, or EEFL energy-saving tubes as the light source and employ a variety of frame materials to make them multi-functional new light boxes.

Advantages of ultra-thin light boxes

  • Ultra-thin light boxes have an exquisite appearance, and they are ultra-thin, ultra-light, and structurally robust. Ultra-thin light boxes use side light source light guide plates or backlit energy-saving light boxes. The thinnest light box can be as thin as 2 cm, the lightest can be as light as 0.5 kg, which solves the limitations of traditional light boxes due to excessive weight restrictions on movement and reuse.

  • Ultra-thin light boxes are more energy-saving than traditional light boxes. Ultra-thin light boxes of the same size consume 90% less electricity than traditional light boxes, saving more than 70% of energy, which greatly reduces our operating costs.

  • Ultra-thin light boxes use the principle of computer matrix, with uniform light and no "rib" phenomenon on traditional light boxes. The materials are renewable, meeting environmental protection requirements.

  • Ultra-thin light boxes have the function of preventing flicker, protecting the advertising picture's light guide plate from overheating, avoiding the baking of the picture by the light tube, ensuring the safety of the light box during use, and ensuring that the picture will not fade or deform while extending the life of the light tube.

  • Ultra-thin light boxes make full use of the materials' reverse light transmission characteristics, with a high light release rate, full planar light output, more uniform illumination, softer and more comfortable vision.

  • Ultra-thin light boxes are easy to install and maintain, and the replacement of light bulbs is simple and quick. It can be replaced in five minutes by yourself, using fewer light tubes, which saves the cost of replacing tubes and ballasts. It can greatly reduce the installation and maintenance time, and lower the maintenance cost.

JinYu provides various high-quality ultra-thin light boxes including photo frame light boxes, fabric light boxes, magnetic light boxes, crystal light boxes, and more. JinYu LED light boxes are excellent promotional tools for retail stores, entertainment venues, casinos, etc. These lightweight light boxes have great dimensions and are also permanent fixtures in airports, transportation hubs, and shopping malls.