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  • Pavement Signs

    Pavement signage is an excellent tool for getting the attention of passersby, especially those on foot. You’ve probably seen lots of signs on sidewalks in front of stores and restaurants advertising sales, lunch specials and more. Pavement signs, also known as outdoor display boards, they are a powerful advertising display option to exposure the service or product offerings. They are designed to display offers and information as well as to attract passing custom. Outdoor signage is perfect for use in busy high streets and shopping centers, or for businesses which are set back from the main road to help draw in shoppers. JinYu supplies a range of portable pavement signs including aluminum snap A-boards, powder coated steel A-frame, weighted poster displays, swing sign stands, and chalkboard A-frames and many others. Materials from aluminum, steel, plastic, and timber optional.

  • Custom Flag

    Custom flag is a great option for attracting attention outside of your retail store. One of the unique things about flags compared to other types of signage is that they’re a dynamic display since they move in the breeze. JinYu custom flags come in a variety of shapes, including feather flag, teardrop flag, rectangle flag, swooper flag and more. There are many possible ways of displaying your flags, including staking them on the soft ground or using a weighted base. JinYu flag banner kits include beach flag poles, flag bases and customized carry bag. For beach flag pole, painted aluminum pole, carbon fiberglass pole and anodized aluminum pole are available. And for flag base, JinYu provides ground spike, metal cross base, car base, water tank base and more.

  • Inkjet POP Media

    JinYu offers a wide range high quality inkjet POP media. And, photo paper is the most popular one for retail applications. JinYu offers both solvent and aqueous photo papers. These photo papers provide consistency, covering a wide color gamut and obtaining deep, rich blacks and vibrant colors in your photographic prints. JinYu poster photo paper can either be used indoors for POP or outdoors if laminated.