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Did You Know About Crystal Light Boxes?

Crystal LED light box, also known as acrylic light box, features side light guide design for even lighting. The transparent crystal frame is surrounded by gorgeous colors when the light box is illuminated, making it not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. With a thickness of only 8mm-12mm and LED light source, it is safe, energy-efficient, and durable, with easily replaceable images. Installation options include desktop, hanging, and wall-mounted. It is suitable for high-end venues such as clubs, hotels, bars, restaurants, chain stores, bridal studios, indoor decoration, corporate signage, gift displays, window displays, exhibit displays, home decor frames, and more.

The main material structure of the crystal LED light box is the light guide plate

The design principle of the light guide plate is based on the high-tech product that transforms linear light sources into surface light sources, which is commonly seen in our daily lives in notebook LCD screens. Optical-grade acrylic is used as the substrate, and the backlit module technology of LCD screens and notebooks is used to calculate the light guide points through computers, enabling the light to refract into a flat light source with uniform light. It is made by combining spectral analysis principles with laser engraving or digital printing technology under constant temperature, humidity, and dust-free conditions. It has distinct characteristics of ultra-thinness, brightness, light uniformity, energy conservation, environmental protection, no dark areas, durability, and easy installation and maintenance. Currently, the maximum width of the light guide plate can reach 2000mm, the highest length can reach 4000mm, and the thinnest thickness is only 2mm. The larger the size, the thicker the plate needs to be to ensure the brightness, but the light guide effect is accordingly reduced, and the thickest light guide plate is no more than 20mm.

Characteristics of the crystal LED light box

Ultra-thin and lightweight

The beautiful appearance maximizes space utilization, beautifies the environment, and broadens the scope of applications.

Bright and uniform lighting

The bright light output is entirely flat and almost perfectly uniform.

Efficient energy-saving

Another commendable advantage is energy-saving.

Stable and durable

Crystal LED light box-specific LED light source has an average service life of more than 5 years. The extension of the service life greatly saves maintenance costs.

Easy installation

Equipped with hanging or wall-mounted accessories, image replacement is quick and easy, saving time and money.

Scope of application of crystal LED light box

  • Wedding photography, home decor;

  • Indoor and outdoor signage;

  • Large-scale exhibition projects or activity display;

  • Wall decor and promotion for malls, banks, hotels, etc.;

  • Airport, subway, station, bus stop, and other advertising media;

  • Arts and crafts gifts;

  • Mobile billboards.