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Waterproof Sealing Property of LED Fabric Light Box and Its Making Materials

1. The practice of strengthening the waterproof seal of the led fabric light box

The basic performance of led fabric light box is the same as that of ordinary light box. The appearance not only attracts attention, but also makes the colors of the image displayed by the light in the light box more vivid and realistic.

The life of ordinary light boxes is often not as good as that of outdoor light boxes, because the places where ordinary light boxes are used are stable in the indoor environment, especially in shopping malls, exhibition halls, etc. These places have air, air conditioning equipment and special cleaning staff, not only do not feel all year round.

When the temperature changes, dust and particles are hardly disturbed, virtually protecting the led fabric light box and prolonging the service life of the light box. If the ordinary light box is located in a place with large temperature difference and large dust, it cannot be used for a long time.

The led fabric light box is different, it is often damaged by rain and sand, and will collide and rub. Therefore, the quality of outdoor light boxes is better than that of ordinary light boxes. Of course, the production cost is relatively high.

Although led fabric light boxes were originally developed to meet the needs of led fabric light boxes, some indoor areas with good environmental conditions can also use outdoor light boxes, such as underground parking lots and urban underpasses.

Although these places are indoor public spaces, there are no air-conditioning units to control temperature changes and no dedicated cleaning staff. Every day, due to the entry and exit of vehicles and the dust in places where people move, it is easy to affect the use of light boxes.

Therefore, the light boxes in these places must have the characteristics of strong sealing and wear resistance, and ordinary light boxes do not have such characteristics, so they are not suitable. At this time, it is most suitable to use led fabric light box, which not only meets the requirements of use, but also reduces the maintenance cost of the light box.

It is worth noting that although the led fabric light box can be waterproof, special care should be taken not to let the inside of the light box get water, because the main waterproof method of outdoor waterproof light box is to change the original shell material and encrypt it during installation.

The slots are not all parts of the light box and are not affected by water, so the installation precautions of the waterproof light box are the same as those of the ordinary light box.

2. What are the materials for making the led fabric light box?

The led fabric light box is available with or without a panel. The panel is a layer of glass on the outside, which protects the advertisements on the inside.

Without the slim light box panel, you can directly touch your advertising screen, this is the led fabric ultra-thin light box. What are the materials for making the led fabric light box?

Light box frame: The led fabric light box is assembled with light box aluminum profiles, and the cloth profile is a four-side open aluminum profile, which has two styles of built-in and external hanging.

Light box light source: LED fabric light box commonly used 2835 pull cloth light bar, 5730 pull cloth light bar, aluminum pull cloth light bar, waterproof pull cloth light bar, diffuse reflection pull cloth light bar, point light source lamp beads, etc.

Light box screen: The most commonly used screen materials are knife scraping cloth and PET light film. If high-quality effects are not pursued, ordinary polaroid cloth can also be used. The LED fabric light box inkjet printing methods include UV inkjet printing and photo inkjet printing with the inkjet printable backlit film.

Light box back: Multi-use aluminum-plastic board, PVC board, color steel plate, etc.