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What Is an Ultra-Thin Lightbox?

What is a ultra-thin light box? It uses a silk screen light guide plate as a conductor, an aluminum alloy frame and LED light strip or light tube and transformer, clamped advertising photo slides, and a transparent acrylic advertising board on the surface. We call it a ultra-thin light box. As a commercial use of ultra-thin light boxes, they are often found on store door lintels, price tag advertisements, tea shops, snack bars, and restaurant walls or awnings.

Aluminum alloy frame ultra-thin light box

The common aluminum alloy frame is silver-colored, and the frame of the ultra-thin light box is generally 3-5CM and designed to be openable; one strip is 6 meters, which can be cut into different sizes; to consider transportation and other factors, it is recommended that it should not exceed 2.4 meters. In addition to silver, the aluminum alloy frame can also be painted other colors; after adding a brightener or a matt agent, it will have a bright or matt effect. For example, the hanging double-sided LED light box in a bank lobby uses a matt beige frame, and the effect matches the content, which is quite good for ultra-thin light boxes.

Acrylic silk screen light guide plate ultra-thin light box

The principle of silk screen light guide plate is to print a triangular prism on the surface of the acrylic, which is not very clear to the naked eye. When side lighting, the light can be reflected to the center through the principle of reflection. Therefore, the technology is critical when making silk screen light guide plates for ultra-thin light boxes. The conventional size of acrylic sheets is this specification, and if the silk screen is too large, the inverted light effect will weaken as it reaches the middle position. Therefore, we recommend that the width of the ultra-thin light box should not exceed 80CM and the length should not exceed 240CM. Otherwise, it will affect the illumination effect of the ultra-thin light box.

The power supply of the ultra-thin light box is also an indispensable element

The LED power supply is usually a converter that converts from 220V to 12V. We usually call it a light box power supply or LED power supply. The light box power supply is rectangular and different from the light-emitting letter power supply. The number of lights used is determined according to the length of the light box. After calculating the wattage, the light box power supply is configured according to 80% load.

The advertising film and photo slides of the ultra-thin light box are normally printed with high-precision spray painting

If it is outdoors, it is recommended to use outdoor photo slides. Nowadays, ultra-thin light boxes are already too common. If you need high-quality films, advanced machines and inkjet systems with color adjustment are needed to print the best slim films. If you pursue high quality, you can try high-priced ultra-thin light boxes.

About the topic of what is a ultra-thin light box, we have broken down the materials of the ultra-thin light box for everyone. Each node is a cost node for ultra-thin light boxes. If you want to make high-quality ultra-thin light boxes, you need to find professionals. Ordinary light boxes can only be used for regular purposes, while well-made ultra-thin light boxes are also works of art.