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Teardrop Backpack Flag

JinYu BPF - Teardrop is a light weight backpack flag which perfects for promoting the brand in large crowds. This teardrop banner flag is lightweight like a feather and comfortable to wear, with a teardrop flag shape. The padded straps and lightweight design make these promotional accessories incredibly versatile during a trade show event or a convention. This backpack flag also includes zippered pockets in which additional marketing materials may be stored. Our double sided teardrop backpack flag is a great way to promote the brand at events, festivals, roadshows and exhibitions.

Product Code: BPF - Teardrop

Color: Black

Size: 110cm*55cm

Package: Carton


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Advantages of BPF-Teardrop Teardrop Backpack Flag

  • Lightweight backpack system that is easy to assemble.

  • Bottle storage is included on each side of the backpack.

  • Backpack includes a pocket for keeping pamphlets and brochures.

  • Pole set can be detached from the backpack and used as a hand-held display.

Applications of BPF-Teardrop Teardrop Backpack Flag

  • Tradeshows.

  • Events, sports.

  • Festival celebrations, and parties.

Technical Data and Dimensions of BPF-Teardrop Teardrop Backpack Flag

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