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Why Are Traditional Light Boxes Replaced by LED Slim Light Box?

Ⅰ. The advantages of LED slim light box

Nowadays, there are more and more LED ultra-thin light boxes used on the roadside. LED ultra-thin light boxes have special waterproof and environmental protection functions, and can also be used by advertisers for outdoor advertising. The LED ultra-thin light box can not only improve the grade of the light box signboard, but also its quality and environmental protection can also be guaranteed, gradually replacing the traditional light box.

Ⅱ. The difference between LED slim light box and traditional light box

1. The LED slim light box is unlimited both outdoors and indoors; LED lights are not only small, but also can be made into various shapes of devices, and are suitable for any changeable environment, and have strong weather resistance. In terms of production size, since the frame of the ultra-thin light box is a finished profile, it only needs to be cut and assembled in time with a high-precision cutting machine, which is easier to operate and simpler than traditional light boxes, and shortens the production cycle.

2. Compared with the traditional fluorescent light box, the LED slim light box consumes less power, and the electricity saved is equal to the free use of the ultra-thin light box, which solves the problem of excessive power consumption of the traditional light box. Moreover, an LED light box like this uses a low-voltage power supply, which is safer than using a high-voltage power supply and is suitable for use in public places.

3. The bulb of the LED slim light box has a long durability and consumes 80% less energy than a white lamp with the same luminous efficiency, which effectively solves the problem of the short life of the traditional light box.

4. The LED bulb of the LED slim light box has high brightness and is eye-catching.

5. The LED ultra-thin light box has a built-in high-definition photo film, and the illuminated picture effect is bright, clear and uniform, which can make passers-by can't help but look at it.

6. The light of the LED ultra-thin light box can be evenly irradiated on every corner of the light box.