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Can Ultra-thin Light Boxes Enter the Home?

The technical application of ultra-thin light boxes has developed rapidly in recent years since some developed countries in Europe and America entered China. More and more outdoor advertising light boxes use ultra-thin light boxes, and it is inevitable that ultra-thin light boxes will become mainstream.

However, advertising light boxes have been placed in various places, not only outdoors, but ultra-thin light boxes can be seen everywhere indoors, such as buildings, elevators, office buildings and so on.

Discussion on the introduction of ultra-thin light boxes into the home

In the future, will ultra-thin light boxes enter the home and advertise in the home? This is not impossible. Today's LCD TVs are becoming more and more common, and they are all digital TVs of TV stations. There are various advertisements in digital TVs.

In the future, there may be an ultra-thin light box advertising company that will send you an ultra-thin LCD TV, but there are advertisements on the TV. The advertising company will regularly replace the advertising content, which will save you money without affecting your TV viewing. At the same time, the advertising effect is also achieved.

From the original situation of a few manufacturers in the south, with a single variety and a single light guiding method, it has changed to the current explosive development of more than 100 units of production and diversified varieties.

Due to the high luminous flux requirements of pure organic acrylic, ultra-thin light boxes and light guide plates are mostly imported, and the price has remained high for a long time.

At present, the development and growth of joint ventures and local Chinese enterprises have kept the price of the main material of ultra-thin light boxes within 25-40 yuan per kilogram, which greatly reduces the production cost and provides a good opportunity for a small number of high-end users to apply the product. condition.

Light box manufacturer uses aluminum profiles as the frame, although the price of aluminum ingots once climbed to 16,000 to 18,000 yuan per ton, so the price after surface treatment reached 26,700 yuan per ton.

Like the aluminum folding canopy in China, the aluminum light box still occupies the mainstream of the market with its remarkable advantages of lightness, durability, non-deformation and easy processing.  Some beautiful and elegant wooden and glass frames add to the auditorium aesthetic. The outstanding performance of the decorative effect has laid the foundation for the transition of the ultra-thin light box from the application of high-end public space to the development trend of ordinary people's homes.

The ultra-thin light box adopts the principle of spectral analysis and the backlight module formed by the light guide plate, and is a multi-functional new advertising carrier made of various outer frame materials.

The ultra-thin light box light guide plate is based on optical grade acrylic, using LCD display and notebook computer backlight module technology, through the high light transmittance of the light guide point, through the computer to accurately calculate and design the light guide point, so that the The light of the light guide plate is refracted into the uniform light state of the surface light source.

Combined with digital printing technology, it is made under constant temperature, constant humidity, and dust-free environmental conditions. It has the distinctive features of ultra-thin and ultra-bright, uniform light, energy saving and environmental protection, no dark areas, and simple and quick installation and maintenance.

At present, in large cities, ultra-thin light boxes are used more in subways and shopping malls. Large cities have strong purchasing power, with many enterprises and customers, while medium-sized cities have relatively weak purchasing power.

A common issue is cost control, the application of better substitutes for raw materials, and the need to save energy and reduce consumption to better meet the current environment.

In addition to the research on the light guide plate, the research and design of ultra-thin light boxes in anti-seismic, waterproof, explosion-proof, anti-magnetic, dust-proof, anti-theft and other multi-layer and multi-angle research and design have also been carried out.

Throughout the development of light boxes, more and more technical applications have made the price of ultra-thin light boxes cheaper and cheaper, and the indoorization of ultra-thin light boxes has gradually developed into a broader space of outdoor development. The appearance of outdoor light boxes has also accelerated this. a development.

The technology of automatic screen switching and gradually shining ultra-thin light box will also become more and more mature. The function of ultra-thin light boxes will be recognized by most people, the application will be more and more extensive, and the price will be cheaper and cheaper. The past of the era of huge profits will provide a flat channel for the healthy development of light boxes.

We believe that one day ultra-thin light boxes will enter your home, but I don't know in what form, whether they will be hung in your living room or office to add more beauty to your life and living room, or will it be free for You give away TV, so you can enjoy the service for a long time!