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Free Standing Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand

JinYu HSD - Standard is a height adjustable floor hand sanitizer stand with dispenser touchless. This freestanding hand sanitiser is a stand up sanitizer station with a snap open sign frame at the top side, ideal for promotional messaging. This hand sanitizer dispenser stand is made of aluminum and totes a silver finish. It helps keep your customers and employees protected from the spread of diseases. And, it includes a backsplash suitable for placement in urgent care facilities, universities, or boutique stores. This easy-to-assemble and battery-operated automatic station unit has a 1000 ml refillable reservoir that works with any gel soap. It features a telescoping pole allowing you to adjust the height from 125cm to 160cm and has a 3kg weight base making it a perfect fit just about anywhere.

Product Code: HSD - Standard

Color: Silver

Size: 30cm*34cm*160cm

Placement Style: Floor Standing

Package: Carton


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Advantages of HSD-Standard Free Standing Sanitizer Dispenser Stand

  • Clean your hands at any time. The fully automatic, non-touch dispenser has rapid induction. Just place your hands under the dispenser and the hand sanitizer or disinfectant will drip onto your hands.

  • The capacity of 1000ml is sufficient for long-term use. This hand sanitizer dispenser is compatible with any gel or liquid sanitizer brand. Equipped with a refillable inner bottle. Refill hand sanitizer at any time.

  • The hand sanitizer and battery can be replaced without removing the dispenser from the stand. Just use the safety key to open the dispenser and put the hand sanitizer into the refillable inner bottle.

Applications of HSD-Standard Free Standing Sanitizer Dispenser Stand

  • Offices, homes.

  • Halls, schools.

  • Churches, stadiums.

  • Shopping centers, etc.

Technical Data and Dimensions of HSD-Standard Free Standing Sanitizer Dispenser Stand







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