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Poster Stand: It's Not About Watching the Scenery but About Being the Scenery

Aluminum poster stand is usually what we call aluminum poster display stand, generally used in the advertising field. Here are some brief introductions to the characteristics of aluminum poster stand.

Structural characteristics of aluminum poster stand

  • The middle of the poster stand has connecting flaps and tray bottoms. It is very unique advertising display stand that can be fixed very well and easily opened and folded. It is a good choice for you.

  • Poster stands can be custom-made according to their own needs and can be adjusted in height.

Characteristics of aluminum profile poster stand


The design structure of the aluminum profile hanger conforms to the principle of architectural mechanics. Compared with other materials, it has higher corrosion resistance, will not be deformed by moisture, shrink and soften due to sunlight, nor become brittle due to freezing and ultraviolet rays.


Hangers and other products manufactured using special surface treatment and processing methods that conform to the characteristics of aluminum profiles can last for decades.

Wind pressure resistance

The aluminum profile hanger has good hardness, high tensile strength, and large wind pressure resistance, which is more suitable for outdoor use.

Easy to process

The aluminum profile hanger has good metal ductility and is easy to process.

Easy maintenance

The surface is clean and easy to clean and maintain.


The aluminum profile poster stand has a metallic luster, and hundreds of color products can be produced through oxidation coloring or electrostatic spraying and fluorocarbon spraying processes to achieve different display effects.


The aluminum profile hanger has low density and light weight. The same length and section of steel is only 1/3 of steel, which is light, convenient and practical.

Scope of aluminum poster stand

Aluminum outdoor poster stand is widely used in advertising displays of shopping malls, hotels, airports, banks, wedding photography studios, home decoration, indoor and outdoor displays, exhibition halls or activities, gas stations, subways, platforms, etc.

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