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You Can't Go to the Beach in Summer Without It!

Summer vacation is approaching, and a large number of tourists who love the ocean choose to travel to seaside cities. At this time, businesses have to seize the opportunity and vigorously carry out advertising.

How to advertise on the beach? Send flyer? It will disturb tourists, make them dissatisfied, and easily cause tourists to throw rubbish and damage the environment. Set up a stall to scan the QR code to send gifts? Tourists only care about gifts. Why do they care about the products or activities you want to promote?

1. What is a beach flag pole?

The best option for advertising now is the beach flag. The beach flag is a very popular flag used in the advertising and promotion industry abroad. It is also gradually becoming popular in China. Some people call it a knife flag because of its shape like a knife.

The beach flag has a large surface, full and dazzling colors, a wide range of publicity, and the content is in place. The beach flag is a good choice whether it is for activities or to promote its own products.

Especially on the beach, tourists lying on the beach comfortably or fishing in shallow waters, if there is a huge beach flag next to it, it will attract the attention of leisurely customers.

The fixed and large area of the beach flag can easily increase the customer's gaze time and make your advertising deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

The unique flag pole design of the beach flag keeps the flag surface always open, and at the same time it is matched with the free-rotating bearing base, so it can fully display the promotional content regardless of whether it is windy or not. It can be used as an outdoor advertisement, which is very dynamic and highly visible, and serves as an advertisement. Good effect of publicity.

At present, it has replaced ordinary colorful flags or water-injected flags and has become the first choice for publicity of large-scale outdoor activities, competitions, automobile 4S shops, and high-end real estate.

However, beach flags of average quality are easily blown down or damaged due to windy and rainy beaches, or rust and rot in wet weather, and the flag surface is also easy to fade or become dirty. At this time, the beach flag pole reveals its advantages.

2. The material of the beach flag pole

Because aluminum alloy is low in cost, but inferior in quality, not resistant to wind, short-term use is harmless, and cannot withstand long-term use. Especially in seaside cities or inland desert cities with strong winds, the aluminum alloy flag poles are easily broken when they encounter strong winds.

It's not obvious indoors, and the outdoor damage rate is very high. In addition, aluminum alloy is heavier, and the transportation cost is higher. Most of the base water tank material is not resistant to sunlight, and it is easy to crack when exposed to outdoor sunlight.

In addition, sea water is also prone to corrosion of aluminum alloys, which consumes the life of the flag pole. This material is generally suitable for short-term activities, or only used once or twice, and the cost performance is very low.

However, carbon composite fiber has greater advantages in comparison. The carbon composite fiber flag pole is lighter in weight, stronger, more resistant to corrosion, weatherproof, more stable in performance, and toughness than aluminum alloy.

Therefore, the carbon composite fiber flag pole has low transportation cost and long use time. No matter which city, whether it is attacked by wind, rain or sea water all year round, it can withstand damage and be used for a long time, which is extremely cost-effective.