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What Made the LED Fabric Light Box Reach the Pinnacle of Life?

Ⅰ. The advantages of LED fabric light box

The biggest feature of the LED fabric light box is that it is very fashionable, and the function of planning is also very vivid. The vivid experience makes my advertisement look different, which is the reason for his biggest mall recognition.

For example, in online large supermarkets or subway stations and airports or some specialty stores, we have all seen that many businesses are using LED fabric light boxes.

The 3D effect of the LED fabric light box is very outstanding,especially those fabric light box made of satin fabric dye, which makes the advertisement more gorgeous, and the uniformity of the color in front of the LED light box has won him a lot of customers, and the delicateness and authenticity of the picture have also improved a lot.

In large supermarkets, we can see a lot of picture content with more vivid images, which brings us a better visual experience, so the role of advertising can also refresh people's eyes and ears, which is a new favorite in the future advertising market.

In fact, the future is also an international environment for environmental protection, so a huge advantage of the LED fabric light box has also been recognized by the market, which is that it plays a very good role and saves electricity.

The power consumption of LED fabric light box per square meter is only about 50W (watts), so it is very effective and environmentally friendly, and it will inevitably become an important demand for future shopping malls.

Another feature of the LED fabric light box now is that it has a long service life. Because it uses aluminum alloy material, it has a good anti-aging function, and the strength of the structure is also very good.

It has great competitiveness in some large-scale light box advertising plans, and its structure is also an ultra-thin edging structure, which makes our advertising pictures look more vivid and more characteristic.

Ⅱ. The favored technical advantages of LED fabric light boxes are the key

With the rapid development of science and technology and technological innovation in the advertising industry, the development of light box advertising can be said to be a major technological advancement in recent years. The technical advantages favored by the production of various light boxes and LED fabric light boxes are the key.

1. The LED fabric light box solves the limitation of the size of the traditional slim light box panel, and the size of the indoor and outdoor light boxes is not limited.

2. The electricity consumption of the LED fabric light box is only about 50W per square meter. The electricity cost saved by the customer in 2-3 years is equivalent to using the light box for free for more than 5 years. The LED light box solves the traditional light box. The power consumption per square meter is 200W-300W The problem.

3. The light source of LED fabric light box adopts LED belt, the life span exceeds 60000h, realizes zero maintenance, and solves the problem of short life of traditional light box tube.

4. The LED fabric light box adopts double-sided inkjet or sequins, combined with the high color rendering index of the LED strip, the picture is bright, clear and uniform, which solves the problem of light and dark ribs of the traditional light box.

5. Ultra-thin, the thickness of the LED strip used in the LED fabric light box is only 1/3 of the traditional light box.

6. The surface temperature of the LED strip for the LED fabric light box is only 38°C, which makes the picture more vivid, reduces the internal temperature of the LED light box, and effectively prolongs the service life of the internal parts of the light box.

7. The light box is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which can meet the needs of different occasions.

The development and prosperity of the city is inseparable from the extensive use of advertising light boxes. The life of outdoor LED fabric light boxes is inseparable from its quality and overall performance. It is of great significance to understand the advantages of LED fabric light boxes.