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Production Knowledge of Crystal Ultra Thin Light Box

Before making the material of crystal light box, we should first know the design principle of the light guide plate of its making material. Speaking of the light guide plate alone, there may be some people who are not familiar with it.  

In fact, it is our common notebook LCD screen, crystal ultra thin light box and light guide plate production principle is the use of spectrum analysis principle and laser engraving combined with a kind of scientific and technological products. The requirements of its production environment are constant temperature, dust-free, constant humidity.  

Ⅰ. The astigmatism principle of the light guide plate of the crystal ultra thin light box

In fact, the light guide plate is to use the method of molding and injection to press acrylic into a plate with a smooth surface, and then use a material with high reflectivity and no light absorption on the acrylic plate, and use screen printing on the bottom of the acrylic board to print square or circular diffusion points, and use them as diffused light.

Although the crystal ultra thin light box guide plate on the market is not the same, the production of light box applies the same physical principle of light reflection and light scattering.  

With the development of science and technology, people are endlessly discussing which light guide plate to use as the production material of the crystal slim light box, because each light guide plate has different characteristics.

That's why even though the same physical production principles are used, the final effect is different.

Ⅱ. The principle of crystal ultra thin light box

Ultra thin light box, also known as light guide plate ultra-thin light box, is a high-tech product that combines light guide technology with digital printing technology. It uses ordinary fluorescent tubes or LEDs as light sources.

It is a new type of multi-functional led ultra-thin light box made of various outer frame materials.

Ⅲ. The characteristics of crystal ultra thin light box

1. Energy saving: use less light source than the traditional light box, save more than 80% electricity.

2. Environmental protection: more than 95% of the materials can be recycled.

3. Ultra-thin: only a quarter of the thickness of the traditional light box, ultra thin light box is economic and beautiful.

4. Convenient: easy and fast to install and replace the lamp.

5. Uniform light: completely flat light output.

6. Beautiful: advanced light guide design ensure that the ultra thin light box lamp sheet is not yellow by the heat generated by the lamp tube.

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